Friday, March 28, 2008

Painting Space Wolves

I wanted to change up a few units in my wolves army, which required me to scavenge a few different marine bodies and parts from my bitz. I figured I might as well document the process I use for painting these. I had a wolf scout, a wolf guard leader for the scouts, a wolf guard leader for the blood claws, a blood claw, and several grey hunters with plasma pistols and meltaguns. The blood claws' leader has a dark angel powerfist with the emblem filed down and a wolf tail added, and the wolf scouts' leader has a power armor upper body with a scout waist and legs.

First I go over the models with shadow grey, chaos black, boltgun metal, shining gold, sunburst yellow, bleached bone, bronzed flesh, and blood red. I'm not especially neat at this point, so most of the time I need to go back over things again and clean up the edges between colors.

The next stage is going back over with washes. Watered down brown ink for the gold and bone, flesh wash for the flesh, black ink for the metal, and extremely watered down blood red for the yellow. Again I usually have to go back over with some main colors, especially shadow grey, to clean things up before highlighting.

I mix up about 50:50 shadow grey:space wolves grey (SG:SWG)and go over all the armor except for the deeper recessed areas. Then I highlight edges and raised areas with 20:80 SG:SWG, then even thinner lines of about 5:95 SG:SWG. The skulls and things are drybrushed 5:95 black:bleached bone, then with bleached bone, then with white. The yellow eagles are highlighted back up to shining yellow from the red-stained yellow. The stained gold and metal areas are dry brushed up to their original color on the edges and raised areas. The faces are dry brushed with mixes of bronzed flesh and flesh wash, then highlighted with white and flesh. Eyebrows, bone, and some hair are highlighted with white.

There's still some work left to do with these guys; obviously the bases, as well as a few minor details. I also have four tanks and an attack bike to paint to get my latest 2k army up and running.


Anonymous said...

I hope there will be a group shot when the 2k army is done.

Bill said...

I linked to this article on Under Resources- Painting Space Wolves.