Sunday, March 9, 2008

Which Hunters?

Out of friggin nowhere, here's a new witch hunters list I'm thinking of trying:

The Scourge of Zugarramurdi

In pursuit of a sophisticated den of heretical psykers called the "Sisterhood of Sol," Mother Belandra and the sisters of Banon joined forces with elements of the Tiefwalder 14th and investigated a rumored Sol citadel on Zugarramurdi, a carbon-mining outpost in the Ultima segmentum. When they realized the obscene taint of the witches was attracting barbarous xenos raiders from the entire segment, they immediately made plans to purify the central colony of Iberia with cleansing bolt and flame. In the hours just before the main attack, Belandra was contacted by Lord Inquisitor Xocratos of the Ordo Hereticus, and made to know that her forces would be augmented by his own personal cadre of assassins and cyborgs.

"Let nothing stand in His righteous way, God Emperor of Mankind!"


Canoness - blessed weapon, inferno pistol, cloak of St. Aspira, mantle of Ophelia, jump pack

Inquisitor Lord - liber heresius, psychic hood, carapace armor
2 Chirurgeons
1 Acolyte - carapace armor
3 Gun Servitors - heavy bolters


Eversor Assassin

3 Death Cult Assassins


10 Sisters of Battle - storm bolter, meltagun
Veteran Sister Superior - book of St. Lucius

10 Sisters of Battle - storm bolter, meltagun
Veteran Sister Superior - book of St. Lucius

Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon
Command Squad - 2 plasma guns, lascannon team
Junior Officer - bolter
4 Infantry Squads - plasma gun, lascannon team


8 Seraphim - 2 hand flamers
Veteran Sister Superior - power weapon, book of St. Lucius


2 Exorcists - extra armor, bulldozer blades

10 Retributors - 4 heavy bolters
Veteran Sister Superior - book of St. Lucius

* edit: I dropped the 3 imagifers, 2 of the seraphim, and a few other little things to bring in the death cultists. And a new crusade.


Bushido Red Panda said...

Fucking Exorcists! :)

Speaking of which, did you get Soulstorm yet? The exorcists in it are pretty damn sweet!

The 'crons now have the deciever, who basically just waves his hand and summons a monolith.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the IG's perfered weapons are las-plas? How exciting.