Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jetbag Assembled

A few months of scattered attention, a couple tubes of krazy glue, and more than one xacto wound later, the jetbag has assembled itself. I still need to get two more vypers and put the headbands on the shining spears, but I'm primed to start priming the main warhost here in the next couple weeks. I can't glue much together yet, since I still want to be able to get under all the nosepieces and cockpit canopies. Given my penchant for starting sloppy I need a little room to work and clean up the details later. I'm also planning on swapping out all the big bases for medium sized ones on all the jetbikes.


Aventine said...

I think I have like six smaller size bases for you.

Ad Astra said...
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Ad Astra said...

Vypers! Yes!