Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saim Hann Redux #527.2

After their first 2000 point game last week against c2’s chaos, I want to playtest a new arrangement with my Saim Hann army that changes the warlocks to shining spears and the farseer to an autarch. In order to use the warlocks’ destructor ability, they really had to get in close, which meant getting assaulted by any decently fast unit, which in turn meant they went squish after maybe two turns. Even wounding on 2’s, they just couldn’t get the job done with only 1 girlyman attack each. The spears’ higher initiative and high strength power weapons might work out a little bit better, plus they’re even a little cheaper. Sure, the power weapon effect lasts only for the initial assault, but hell at least they can hit and run! I figure I have enough anti-tank and a decent amount of anti-horde, so I wanted to throw a different kind of threat in the mix. I think assaulting is more fitting to the wild rider theme than a farseer and warlocks anyway. The autarch can ride with the spears, buffing their leadership, adding attacks, and getting the hit and run ability in return. Or, if necessary, he can break off and melta something to slag.

I’m going to use my warlock models for shining spears, rip one of the arms off and replace it with the jetbike autarch’s right arm to make the exarch’s star lance. Then I’m going to take the farseer off his bike, mount a fusion gun under the canopy, and put the metal autarch on there with another dire avenger spear arm to represent his laser lance. Other than his singing spear, I wasn’t really digging my farseer model anyway; the flow from Eldrad’s body to the jetbiker arms and legs was sort of weenie looking. I’ll keep him around for later. I know the vypers are fragile and expensive, but I figure by adding stones, fields, and cannons to them, stunned and weapon destroyed results no longer have a drastic effect, so instead of 50% chance of them being destroyed or neutered for each glance, there’s only a 25% chance. Maybe later if I get a hold of two more of them, I’ll drop all the upgrades and go for higher numbers of main weapons instead. So, without further ado:

edit: I added in two more vypers, dropped all their holofields as well as the shuriken cannons from the ones with bright lances, changed the shining spears' exarch to have a normal laser lance and a shuriken cannon, and changed the wave serpent's scatter lasers to shuriken cannons.

Autarch – jetbike, mandiblasters, laser lance, fusion gun

5 x 3 Guardian Jetbikes – 1 shuriken cannon each

10 Dire Avengers – Exarch with twin avenger catapults and bladestorm
Wave Serpent – twin-linked shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon

3 Vypers – star cannons, shuriken cannons, spirit stones

3 Vypers – bright lances, spirit stones

4 Singing Spears – Exarch with shuriken cannon, skilled rider, and withdraw

3 Fire Prisms – holofields, spirit stones


Anonymous said...

I like that list a lot more. Doom on the Farseer didnt seem all that useful since almost all you shooting is S6.

Just one comment though. You said you had plenty of anit-tank so why did you take the Star Lance? it is really expencive and not a lot better than the reg. Lance except against vehicals.

I think you should give the exarch a Shrieken Cannon instead. Just like all your other units that dip and dive around cover with pop-up attacks, that unit can too. Otherwise what is the use of the ex-move NTM BS5?

just a less obvious idea.

bullymike said...

I see your point, it was more for instant death against marine chars since he goes at init 6. Use him to wipe out the IC and the rest of the spears go still ahead of whoevers left at I4 or powerfists for that matter. No big I mainly picked that over the cannon since ill probably be turboboosting the spears in early turns to get the invul as well as get into position for a second turn charge. I will consider dropping the lance for something else since the model would look different from my other spears. When are you coming to town next?

Anonymous said...

I graduate mid May!!! ...assuming I dont get screwed for any reason before then.

Yeah, it is really hard to argue with A3 St8 I6 on the charge. However as long as the Autarch is with the unit you will have soooo many S6 attacks I dont think it will matter. Obv you should play test both versions... I have never even played with Shinning Spears before, they sound like a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

what the $@&%!?! get that sh!t out of here!!!

bullymike said...

rrr. yeah i had to enable word verification. stupid brazilian spam fucks. sorry!