Monday, May 26, 2008


Here's the 4-cult CSM list I'm getting together. I broke down and bought some noisemarines today, so now I'm only two rhinos and an old keeper of secrets model away at this point. Basically I just want to play a bunch of games with it and figure how to best use the 4 cult troop units together. I think it's best considered a hobby list, but with experience I might be able to use it to good effect against a wide range of foes. After an initial surge, the rhinos would fort up and screen the worst enemy fire while the cults get their grooves on in their own particular idiom: berzerkers and noisemarines rushing to assault and tie up squads with help from the dmeon princes, plaguemarines and thousand sons holding objectives and blasting anyone who comes near. The obliterators can usually deal with the thickest enemy armor, while the terminators can deep strike in to help any of the other units with combi-weapon fire and a shit ton of I5 power weapons.


Demon Prince - mark of khorne, wings

Demon Prince - mark of slaanesh, wings, lash of submission


8 Terminators - 7 combiweapons (1 flamer, 6 plasma), 1 chainfist, champion with lightning claws, icon of slaanesh


8 Khorne Berzerkers - 2 plasma pistols, champion with power fist and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor

7 Thousand Sons, 1 Sorceror with bolt of change and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor

8 Plaguemarines - 2 meltaguns, champion with power fist and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor

8 Noisemarines - champion with power weapon, doom siren, and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor


3 x 1 Obliterator

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Anonymous said...

Why do you have so many icons? I want to play against this army!