Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slow News Day

There's some great pictures of new marine models on BOLS but otherwise not much going on. Fifth edition is just kind of hanging out there, so close but so far. I got a hold of two more old rhinos for my nurgle and slaanesh marines and now I have to cult them out with greenstuff and various chaos accessories. The slaanesh cab will have a branded-in icon on the front, while the plaguemobile will have a ton of putules and open sores and whatnot. I'll probably make at least one of the local tourneys this month, maybe two, maybe bring out the bugs again.


Anonymous said...

You think you will bring this army to the 'obby tourni at BFG next week?


bullymike said...

what, the chaos? nah. its still a few weeks away. i put off greenstuffing the nurgle one cause i'm afraid i'll fuck it up. i'm gonna look around the nets for tips first. i did add a dingy dozer blade and filth spouts to it. the noisemarine rhino has some mini organ pipes on the side so far and i'm going to make a fleshy slaanesh symbol for the top. maybe add stitches to make it look like it was sewn together from several skins.