Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Action Report: Space Wolves vs. Blood Angels 7-02-08

Well, the fog between 4th and 5th seems to be lifting, with only one more tournament in town using 4th edition rules. I am really enjoying the opportunity to see how all my armies work in the new paradigm, rethinking some of the unit repetition and giving old losers another try. I played a 2000 point pitched battle annihilation match against Jay's Blood Angels yesterday using Space Wolves and I was pleasantly surprised at how some of the SW rules apparently work in 5th, namely counter-attack. The new defender-response and counter-attack rules really work well with the space wolves. The way the rules are written, it appears that HQs with wolf pelts get +1 from the counter-attack as well as another bonus +1 A from the pelt! And since blood claws get +2 instead of +1 attacks on the charge, and the new counter-attack USR says units get +1 A as if they had charged themselves, as long as they pass the leadership test, they get their berserk charge even when they themselves are charged. I'm going to replace all the bolters in my grey hunter squads with pistols and CCWs, and swap in power weapons for the power fists. That means 6 power weapon attacks when they counter-attack plus 7 more at S5 from attached HQs. The blood claws will probably keep the same loadout, though I might give the wolf guard leader a power weapon instead of the fist. The rhinos were awesome, allowing me to block assault paths, relocate units out of harm's way, and preserve kill points. The land speeders seemed more vulnerable; if you move flat out and fail that cover save they're going down pretty quickly. Being able to move 12" and shoot was nice though compared to other vehicles. One of them survived to destroy the blood angels vidicator with help from the wolf scouts (I did forget they can outflank as well as their own rear-guard move). I substituted a vindicator for my second predator at the last second. I think it killed one assault marine at the very beginning but was quickly disabled. I tried to ram his dread with the vindicator but couldn't do any damage, despite his failing to stop it with a death-or-glory attack. I kept the predator annihilator stationary a couple of times to fire all the weapons at approaching assault marines, but terrible rolling on my part meant it never made much of a dent. Somehow the tank survived multiple plasma and power fist attacks and went tearing ass away from the attackers to cower behind the blood claws. The dreadnought dropped in neatly behind the staaled-out baal predator and proceeded to immobilize it and wreck the main gun. My larger squads were holding out better than his multiple small squads and we called it in the bottom of the 5th as win for the space wolves. One of my attack bikes held out in assault for several rounds, only keeling over when the death company rolled up. Good game! I'm impressed with the space wolves but it definitely warrants further testing.

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