Friday, September 26, 2008

Jetbike Aces

Since I wanted to play my jetbikes in slightly larger squad sizes instead of using a bunch of little units, I needed a couple more bikers and a couple less warlocks. I took the two warlocks I wasn't going to use and gave them guardian heads. I need to make one more of these guys and then each of my three jetbike squads will have team leaders. They don't represent anything rules-wise, but it will be nice to have an additional model stand out in each unit besides the warlocks.

I also switched out my dire avenger exarch's twin cats with a power weapon and shimmershield. I am somewhat dubious as to the shield's real worth, but it does make for a cool swordsman pose in any case.


Real G said...

So... you put Guardian heads on Guardians? I'm confused. Maybe a pic of them next to the non-Aces is needed?

I like the sword-instead-of-spear for DAEx. I'm still waiting for someone to bust out the sword+sshield+knife in a dual-weapons pose.

bullymike said...

They used to have singing spears and helm-less heads like my other warlocks.I might just add a dagger to the da exarch, sounds cool

Anonymous said...

Shimmer shield is great, especially against units with rending who are only going to ignore you armorsaves a little bit.

I've had an understrength DA unit with Defend and Shimmer Shield hold off a Chaplain and unit w/PF for 4 or 5 rounds of combat.