Monday, September 1, 2008

Revised Bugs

I got that Dragon's Lair tournament report coming, in the meantime:

The dragon's lair tournament is up, back a few entries. Here's a revised nid list I want to try soon:

Hive Tyrant - 2 twin-linked devourers, toxin sacs, enhanced senses, warp field, wings, flesh hooks

Broodlord - feeder tendrils, flesh hooks
10 genestealers - flesh hooks


2 x 10 Genestealers - scuttlers, feeder tendrils

2 x 10 Genestealers - feeder tendrils

2 x 25 Gaunts - fleshborers

3 Zoanthropes - synapse creature, warp blast

Carnifex - carapace, exoskeleton, chitin, regenerate, venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, flesh hooks

50 genestealers, 50 gaunts. Going down to just one gunfex is regrettable, but with 30 genestealers and a broodlord outflanking (plus the lictor attack), hopefully the one big guy will keep heavy weapons in place long enough for the infiltrators to get into combat. The zoanthropes are my primary line of defense against AV14, except for maybe a few monstrous creature attacks.


Bushido Red Panda said...

Alright, I'm ready to test against this army.

Anonymous said...

looks fun. i know you love that genestealer shock wave attack thing! since 5th came out i havnt seen a strong nid list yet but i also havnt seen that many out flankers befor either. yieks

any chance you'll get another lictor to help with the reserves roll?


bullymike said...

Actually this list has already changed some. I misremembered what regenerate actually does, and it sucks so it will be going. And I haven't been impressed with the lictor so he's taking a hiatus and I'm bringin the 2nd (cc) fex back.

Anonymous said...

yeah lictors arent great but with so much relying on reserves rolls i think he is worth it... maybe not; but you are the one with the experieince... ;)