Friday, December 26, 2008

Abaddon's Classic Cult Car Expo

Some pictures in its latest incarnation:

Abaddon and Terminator Bodyguard

Plaguemarines and Noisemarines

Berzerkers and Thousand Sons

Demons, Greater Demon, and Obliterators

And the list:

Greater Demon
5 Chaos Terminator Champions - 3 combi-plasmas, 2 -meltas, icon of slaanesh
8 Berzerkers - skull champion with power weapon and personal icon, Rhino with extra armor
8 Thousand Sons - sorceror with doombolt, personal icon, and meltabomb, Rhino with extra armor
8 Noisemarines - noise champion with doom siren, power weapon, and personal icon, Rhino with extra armor
8 Plaguemarines - plague champion with power fist and personal icon, 2 meltaguns, Rhino with extra armor
10 Lesser Demons
2 Obliterators


Havik110 said...

Noise marines are not WYSIWYG and so couldn't be said to have sonic blasters in an RTT. Otherwise I like the look of the army.

bullymike said...

Sorry, I had updated the list since last time. The way I use my noise marines, sonic blasters are not really worth the points. Mostly they're there to support another unit up close with high I attacks and the doom siren, and since he's the cheapest champion he's a prime candidate for greater demon posession. Or I could pick one of Abaddon's bodyguard.