Friday, January 16, 2009

Assault Terminators

What do you guys think of this 2k list for a heavy tournament? It's very light on troops but the terminators are definitely mobile and stompy. Plus a ton of melta.


8 Assault Terminators
Land Raider Crusader - multimelta, extra armor

5 Assault Terminators

8 Scouts - sniper rifles, heavy bolter, camo cloaks

Tactical Squad - meltagun, multimelta, sgt with powerfist and combi-melta
Rhino - extra armor

2 Land Speeders - multimeltas, heavy flamers

Land Raider Redeemer - multimelta, extra armor

Predator - autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons, extra armor

Predator - autocannon, heavy bolter sponsons, extra armor


Bushido Red Panda said...

Looks mean to me. We'll have to test it out.

beeny13 said...

i think you should upgrade a scout to sergeant telion. the scouts you have, 8 with snipers and heavy bolters. won't do anything but hold an objective. if you get really lucky they might kill one model all game. sergeant telion is the same amount of firepower as 4 scouts for about the less cost, but the greatest thing is that he lets you place wounds. so instead of scouts firing all game and doing nothing at all. every other turn they rend the aspiring champion, icon, or anything else worth a lot of points that your opponent is using