Sunday, February 1, 2009

Latest Guard List

I decided to trade most of my tyranids away for a bunch of random guard stuff, including a forgeworld Valkyrie, 14 storm troopers, 5 ogyrns, 6 more ratlings, and 2 chimeras. The ratlings were the easiest things to get painted and on the field, so I made a new guard list to include them that I'll probably use at this weekend's hobby tournament:

Command HQ - JO w/ iron discipline and bolter, veteran standard bearer
Anti-tank squad - 3 missile launchers
Anti-tank squad - 3 missile launchers
Fire support squad - 3 autocannons, sharpshooters
Fire support squad - 3 heavy bolters, sharpshooters
Mortar squad
2 Sentinels - autocannons

Demonhunter Inquisitor Lord - psychic hood, psycannon
2 Mystics
3 Gun servitors - heavy bolters

4 Hardened veterans - 3 meltaguns, vet sgt w/ plasma pistol

10 Ratlings

Infantry platoon
Command squad - JO w/ iron discipline, 4 flamers
2 Infantry squads - plasma guns

Armored fist squad - plasma gun
Chimera - hull heavy bolter, pintle stubber, extra armor, smoke launchers

Hellhound - hull heavy bolter, pintle stubber, extra armor, smoke launchers

Leman Russ demolisher - plasma cannons, lascannon, extra armor

Leman Russ - 3 heavy bolters, pintle heavy stubber, extra armor

Basilisk - indirect fire

I mainly wanted to bring in a bunch of different units I didn't use much anymore. The idea is to castle up with the demonhunter, command HQ, weapons teams, and tanks while the troops stay off-table in reserve as long as possible before running on to grab objectives. I have to acknowledge Jwolf's tactics on Bell for inspiring this direction. There's probably a lot of excessive upgrades I could ditch but I tried to go with what I already had modeled. I played one game with it against chaos and did pretty well but I still need a lot more practice.


Jwolf said...

Since you have the spare FA slot, I'd divide the Sentinels into 2 squadrons, or drop one squadron and get another unit of melta veterans. Melta veterans are my new favorites.

Regardless, I think you'll have fun with the list, and even when you don't win you're playing Guard. I need to model an officer with a sombrero...

Admiral Drax said...


I'm with Jwolf on the sentinel thing mate: gives you way more flexibility. Don't forget, you can bring them in on the flanks from reserve, pop a couple of shots into a vehicle's rear armour, then charge it: Str5's got a chance against the rear AV of most things these days...

Let us know how it turns out, especially the mortars: I've been experimenting with them recently, and I'm keen for more thoughts...

Anonymous said...

for 30pts you van make all 6missile launchers lascannons.


bullymike said...

Too bad they look completely different from mls, or else I'd be in business. Wyncha buy me some weapon teams

Admiral Drax said...

Yeah - the main difference being that the current Cadian missile launchers are great models, and the lascannon are pants.

Anonymous said...

well where did the 6 ml come from? boxes that had lascannons in them...?