Monday, April 13, 2009

Choices Choices Choices

So I picked up 2 chimeras in a trade a while back, and I've decided to Forgeworld them up into a pair of the new artillery tanks. For my initial list with the new codex, I'm going to try to squeeze in a company command with an officer of the fleet, ratlings, stormtroopers or grenadier veterans in a valkyrie, vendetta, or chimera, an infantry platoon with a couple lascannon squads, a demolition vet unit, a recon sentinel squad, a couple hellhounds, and as many demolishers I can get. With that in mind, here's a few options for 2 more tanks (pics from the FW online store):


The Medusa would make a great anti-vehicle tank, firing indirectly with the bunker buster shells, but with the lascannons, melta guns, and demolishers, I'm probably good on stopping armor already. Still, the model is pretty cool and relatively cheap and only a bit more than the basilisk points-wise. I could even get a third conversion kit and change up my existing basilisk to make a trio of these guys.


The Manticore is a really neat model and several large strength 10 blasts a turn sounds like a good time, but they're fairly pricey on points and dollar bills. I'm not ruling it out but probably a long shot.


I think I've saved the best for last. Together with the hellhounds and ordnance they could peel the numbers off horde armies and put the hurt on skimmers and nob bikers, too. I'm really leaning towards a couple hydras as a third heavy support slot. At 75 points base they're a steal. Unfortunately, like the manticore, 2 kits would run me about $85, which stings a bit.


suneokun said...

I'd wait for the codex first... but, I'm agreeing with you on the Hydra. 75 points for some serious anti' skimmer firepower is great! The Hydra couldn't ignore the 'smoke cloud' cover save though and its this (along side the painboy) that really bits on the Ork list. Plus the Autocannons are only S7, so no chance of instantkills.

Eldar jetbikes are a different matter as they would lose both their 4+ saving throw and their 3+ turbo boost. You'd also cause instantkill on every Eldar hero...


Peter said...

Yeah i agree with suneokun, just don't play me when I've built my eldar :S

Itkovian said...

I do think the last one looks the best. If it's too pricey, could you go for a scratch-build? Maybe even magnetise it so that you can switch out the different weapon options as and when needed?

bullymike said...

@sun - true about nobz, forgot they had their own stupid fucking thing (naturally). however eldar bikes come with a 3+ normal armor save already, not just from turboboosting.

oni said...

I say do them all, that's what magnets are for. :D

Boarding Mission said...

I was going to say Hydar because it looks so cool.
Bu then I saw oni mentioned magnets... is there anything else to say.

MasterDarksol said...

While it's the last thing your wallet wants to hear, I'm going to echo Ron and say that Getting all three variants and magnetizing the turrets is your best option. It will allow you to playtest all three groups and find out what really works for you.

Capt Tyranus said...

You know you want the Hydras, so take them.

If you want something a bit cheaper, maybe kitbash them with some Tamiya Flakpanzers? They'd still be mainly GW models.

Ranger Rob said...

I would lean toward two that you have not listed.

1) The Griffon
2) The Colossus (Bombard by Forgeworld)

Both are barrage and in a squadron, will get to take advantage of the Multi-Barage rules. Griffon is rumored to have a re-roll of the scatter die abilty. Making the "Evil" No cover, ap3 Colossus much more accurate.

Course the Forgeworld Bombard uses a Russ chassis. I'd wait for the Codex to make you final decision.