Friday, April 25, 2008

Slightly Unnerfing

Maybe I'm leaving some detail out of my calculations, but it appears to me that if the rumored vehicle damage rules come true, it will actually be harder to damage eldar skimmers with holo-fields and spirit stones than in 4th edition.

In 4th edition, for a BS4 unit to do anything more than shake a vyper/falcon with holos and stones it takes, on average:

  • 21/n bolter shots
  • (95%/n to shake or less)
  • 10/n heavy bolter shots
  • (89%/n to shake or less)
  • 4/10 plasma or autocannon shots
  • (74%/90% to shake or less)
  • 4/6 krak missiles
  • (67%/82% to shake or less)
  • 3/4 lascannon shots
  • (60%/74% to shake or less)

  • 21/n bolter shots
  • (95%/n to shake or less)
  • 11/n heavy bolter shots
  • (90%/n to shake or less)
  • 6/25 plasma or autocannon shots
  • (80%/94% to shake or less)
  • 5/14 krak missiles/6-12" melta/exorcist launcher shots
  • (75%/92% to shake or less)
  • 4/10 lascannon/0-6" melta shots
  • (70%/89% to shake or less)

Notice those are shots, not hits. If the rumored 5th edition vehicle damage table is accurate, to do anything more than shake the same vehicles it will take the same unit, on average:

  • 55/n bolter shots
  • (98%/n to shake or less)
  • 15/n heavy bolter shots
  • (93%/n to shake or less)
  • 6/25 plasma or autocannon shots
  • (83%/96% to shake or less)
  • 5/14 krak missiles
  • (78%/93% to shake or less)
  • 4/10 lascannon shots
  • (72%/89% to shake or less)
  • 3/6 7-12" melta/exorcist launcher shots
  • (60%/81% to shake or less)
  • 3/4 0-6" melta shots
  • (56%/71% to shake or less)

This assumes they moved 12", meaning they got the rumored "5+ cover save" for moving fast and were able to shoot at least one major weapon. Vypers will be only slightly more resistant to major damage from the higher strength weapons, but otherwise it looks like both vehicles are like doubly hard to bring down! Someone please prove my math wrong!

Besides the obvious boost to falcons as transport options,
I predict fire prisms will start to pop up in more eldar armies, with sets of three being especially powerful. Other than close range weapons like fusion guns, singing spears, or haywires/meltabombs, it'll be the best gun to take down monoliths and land raiders that the eldar have at their disposal. At best they'll be glancing and doing no more than immobilizing them with S8. I expect both of those AV14 monsters to become more popular as well. I would bet that the Ravenwing flying land raider will be tougher, too.

edit: Thanks to Jim for pointing out my error in my 4th edition calculations. I was including the possibility of using the penetrating damage table, when only glancing is possible in 4th against SMF! I knew the rule but copy/pasting must have got the better of me. I put the corrected versions up. So basically lower strength guns will have a bit harder time, with Vypers obviously benefitting the most from this, but high strength guns will have the same odds or better. Good to know. I tried to reorganize the data a bit below. I also calculated meltagun and exorcist launcher odds. Those get much better at bringing down SS/HF skimmers in 5th.

To do more than shake a SS/HF vyper in 4th edition vs. 5th edition, it takes a BS4 unit:

  • 21 vs. 55 bolter shots

  • 11 vs. 15 heavy bolter shots

  • 6 vs. 6 plasma gun/autocannon shots

  • 5 vs. 5 krak missile launcher shots

  • 5 vs. 3 7-12" meltagun/exorcist launcher shots

  • 3 vs. 4 0-6" meltagun shots

  • 4 vs. 4 lascannon shots

To do more than shake a SS/HF prism or falcon in 4th edition vs. 5th edition, it takes a BS4 unit:

  • 19 vs. 25 plasma gun/autocannon shots

  • 13 vs. 14 krak missile launcher shots

  • 13 vs. 6 7-12" meltagun/exorcist launcher shots

  • 7 vs. 4 0-6" meltagun shots

  • 10 vs. 10 lascannon shots

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tarots and Peas

I'm bringing a new character on board my never ending inquisitorial soul train, next stop, purgation station, get your palms read for a paltry pittance, your blasted warp beasts banished for a buck: a daemon hunter inquisitor with emperor's tarot. I had the perfect model sitting in front of me the whole time, but I was thinking I was going to use him as an acolyte instead. Nah. I'd rather get a leg up on first turn. Plus he can hang out and still get love from the chirurgeons (don't tell him he's just an ablative wound after 1st turn). I still added another acolyte to the witch hunter's retinue, gave the seraphim VSS an eviscerator, and switched over to the callidus assassin. Pick side, go first, word in your ear. Not a bad 2k army I think.

blessed weapon
inferno pistol
mantle of Ophelia
cloak of St. Aspira
jump pack
book of St. Lucius
frag grenades

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord
liber heresius
psychic hood
carapace armor
2 chirurgeons
2 acolytes
carapace armor
3 gun servitors
3 heavy bolters


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
emperor's tarot

Callidus Assassin

3 Death Cult Assassins


10 Sisters of Battle
meltagun, storm bolter
vet. sister superior
book of St. Lucius

10 Sisters of Battle
meltagun, storm bolter
vet. sister superior
book of St. Lucius

Infantry Platoon
Command Squad
Junior officer
2 plasma guns
lascannon team
Infantry Squad 1
plasma gun
lascannon team
Infantry Squad 2
plasma gun
lascannon team
Infantry Squad 3
plasma gun
lascannon team


8 Seraphim
2 hand flamers
vet. sister superior


extra armor
smoke launchers

extra armor
smoke launchers

10 Retributors
4 heavy bolters
vet. sister superior
book of St. Lucius

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will Wolves Be Pretty

Some new rumors about the wolves codex update found their way through warseer to BOLS last week. Taken together with the rumored 5th edition rule updates, they have significant implications for my own wolves army. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Reading Rainbow sound

Running seems to be the biggest rules change of all, but I think it will affect the game in so many different ways it’s hard to consider all the implications without repeated playtesting. It would be useful for the grey hunters or blood claws to keep up forward movement behind cover of the Rhinos once the smoke launchers have been used up.

In the rumored ruleset that I’ve seen, locked models (those outside of 2” from a model in BTB) can still be hit by attacks, even if engaged models are removed before their initiative step. My wolves’ powerfists will still get to attack as long as they were close enough to be engaged at the beginning of the phase, even if noone’s in BTB anymore by the time they get to swing. However, they’ll only get a single attack if charged, two attacks max on the charge themselves. That’s a bummer, but hey, they’re still power fists and counter-attack should make sure they’re always in place to contribute to the fight.

Reduced power fist attacks and blood claws getting furious charge could send at least one if not both of my two blood claw fisters over to a power weapon to simulate a frost blade on the charge. It might even be better to run an IC with them armed with a power fist. Sure, you lose the I5 benefit of a character, but it’s the only way you’re gonna a decent number of power fist attacks anymore, and at WS 5, that means more will hit, too. Of course, the rumor is that the claws’ squad size will be set at a minimum of 10, so an IC won’t be able to ridealong in a rhino if that does indeed come to pass. Some slight shifting will be inevitable. Now, if I’m able to equip characters or wolf guard with double powerfists, then things will really be cooking. Surely Magnar isn’t the only ambidextrous marine in the galaxy.

You no longer have to have a model in BTB to perform a sweeping advance. And now every consolidate is a massacre.

Grenades will work only if the majority of models have them – that means I’ll have to split my HQs from my hunter squads when they assault so they count as two separate units assaulting in order for the ICs to strike simultaneously. That’s assuming I’ll still want to run HQ choices on foot joined up with hunter squads.

Grey hunters will supposedly be equipped with a bolter, a bolt pistol and chainsword, a la chaos marines. It’s a fucking great replacement for true grit if true. This will go a long way to bringing wolves up to speed.

There does not appear to be any morale test modifiers for being outnumbered in CC, only -1 for being below 50% and -1 for every wound by which your unit lost the combat. So either they’re going to have to ditch the “against all odds” special rule from the wolves codex completely, or replace it with something else, maybe something negating one or both of the other two modifiers (the latter would be the better choice).

No WS5/BS5 venerable dreadnought? Yeesh. At least give them WS5 for chrissakes. I thought we were talking about the oldest, most seasoned dreadnoughts in the imperium. If Baal dreadnoughts can have furious charge, then it should be no problem giving wolves WS5 dreads. If they do bring Bjorn back with WS5 and maybe a couple of other cool abilities, I will most likely use him. That being said, I am very much not in love with all these special “named” characters being required (and therefore almost always taken) in order to access decent units or army special rules. It sort of “dates” an army and takes away from the imaginative part of the game. How are you supposed to flesh out a story for a game in your mind when you’re paired against someone fielding the same character? Not to mention many of them are broken as fuck, e.g. Shrike, Eldrad, etc.

I’ve heard rumors about squads of wulfen led by Wolf Priests, like the wolves version of the death company. And yes, I will field this if given the chance. Where wolves? Right behind you.

Long Fangs will remain the same but maybe getting the pistol/ccw/main weapon treatment as well. Whatever, I probably won’t use them anyways. I think they should get tank hunters too, now that it might be included as a USR, and maybe stealth too, while they’re at it. Not for being stealthy as much as able to take advantage of cover well.

Wolf Scouts from any table edge, oh my. Definitely needed to bring them in line with Boss Snikrot. Hopefully I can still give them the same weapon loadout and wolf guard sergeant, but I’m not holding my breath.

If the rumored mission types hold and I don’t make too many major changes to my current list, I should be pretty set as far as troops go with three solid 10-man wolves units able to secure and control objectives on those missions that use them. I think I like the idea of victory points only being used in a draw, but I’m not 100% sure how that will play out. One thing that’s confusing from the rumored ruleset I’ve seen is deployment order. Unless I read it wrong, players take turns deploying their whole force all at once for every deployment type other than dawn of war. I can see how this would definitely balance out the choice of deployment zone (and accompanying cover) versus the benefit of knowing where your opponent is deployed. I thought it was rather clever of them to make the long table edge deployment zones start 12” from the center line rather than from the edge. I’ve played several games where units that should have started 24” away from each other were too close to one another.

Seeing as how I like to use transports for all my infantry (which may change if I can put jump packs on the blood claws more easily and effectively), I’m paying close attention to the rumored changes in vehicle damage and the effects on passengers. One thing I noticed was that dedicated transports appear to double the value of a unit in the annihilation scenarios, regardless of their usually small relative point cost. Smoke launchers appear to be even better; vehicles using them will get where they're going nearly invulnerable to explosions or being pinned. However, melta weapons pose a greater threat now in this department. And I like that you don't have to worry about those ridiculous 1" moves after assaulting a vehicle either. Altogether I'm very curious how it will all play out and it will be a long two months until July. It's perfect timing to shake things up a bit I think.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Battle Report: Space Wolves vs. Thousand Sons

Hakr Varghoss and his crushing wave approached the castle ruins with a single battle tank across the valley covering the left flank. Scores of horribly stoic rubric marines were moving amidst the rubble now, driven onward by various mutated mystics and accompanied by a large contingent of tactical dreadnought marines, many of them bristling with heavy weapons. Hakr and his Sea Wolves had no real tactical mission on Kriegsmie save the outright extermination of the corrupted witches and their nightmarish charges. Death to the traitors! Death to the Thousand Sons, in the name of Russ!

As the Space Wolves rhinos approached the enemy line, the traitor terminators fired a volley of plasma beams, blowing apart their mounted storm bolters. In response, each rhino launched a series of smoke charges, obscuring their position as they shifted to the right in formation. The Land Speeders hovered over the wolves' battle group and opened fire with their multimeltas, one of them hitting their mark. To their left, the wolves battle tanks and attack bike squadron found targets amongst a far tower and began to fire on them.

As the wolves rhinos passed a section of ruined wall, they slowed to a halt, pulling up tight behind one another to give cover to their disembarking passengers. Grey Hunters and Blood Claws stepped onto the low grass behind their pack leaders. The rune priest's hunter pack emerged on the enemy side of their transport, opening fire on a nearby squad of rubric marines. A mixture of haste and animosity sent their deadliest shots astray, as only a single enemy marine fell from concentrated bolter fire. The rune priest himself emerged on the other side and began to chant, bringing an obscuring cloud of smoke from the ground to slowly enravel the his grey hunter squad. It was too late, however, as enchanted bolts from the rubric marines found every last grey hunter, each screaming impact a horrible reminder to the other wolves of the arcane power of their enemy. Corrupted terminators charged into the sides of their transports, pounding and cutting with assault weapons to no avail; the armor held, praise Russ! The rune priest sensed a disturbance nearby and quickly turned to his left to see a pair of mutated warp witches approach, one of them slithering unnaturally fast into a rubble heap next to Hakr Varghoss and his hunter pack. When the witch with wings raised his arms and prepared to curse Varghoss' squad, the rune priest fell to his knees into deep concentration, chanting even louder, the power of his wolf totem barely able to keep whatever magicks the traitor sorceror was using at bay. Before the battle leader could react, the multiple-breasted serpentine monstrosity pounced and felled Varghoss with one sweep of his demon weapon. Displaying little surprise at the sudden attack, the pack responded in trained unison, their power fists finding purchase and crushing the terrible thing into violet chunks.

On the other side of the battlefield, a space wolves drop pod descended to the planet's surface just behind the enemy line. Clouds of smoke obscured the enormous venerable dreadnought as he stepped from the rocket pod and prepared to fire. Heavy bolter fire from the battle tanks and bike pack dropped several rubric marines nearby as their attendant sorcerors turned their horrible magics on the shrouded dreadnought.

Despite the loss of their leader, the Sea Wolves prepared to counter-attack. They would need to close the distance between them and the enemy in order to avoid the deadly magical bolter fire now so thick in the air. As a land speeder flew overhead bathing the enemy in flame, the blood claws squad and the rune priest waded into the traitor terminators, destroying several of them and sending the enemy into disarray. In mere moments the confused survivors had been cut down and the victorious wolves stepped back behind their rhino to regroup. Meltagun fire from the surviving grey hunters and a second landspeeder cut down the last slaaneshi witch. In the distance, the venerable dreadnought smashed into a squad of rubric marines, killing several. An enormous warp construct slowly approached the melee, its arms already forming cutting torches and saws in anticipation, the dreadnought whirled and sent the beast flying with a single hit from its oversized claw. The tanks and bikes continued to fire into a squad of rubric marines that were now crossing the battlefield to assist in the fight against the grey hunters and blood claws. Suddenly a pack of wolf scouts emerged from cover behind a third unit of thousand sons and charged into them. Though their sorceror leader downed two of the scouts with his warp weapon, the scouts continued their ferocious assault and destroyed several rubric marines.

Most of the enemy witches had been destroyed, but the wolves continued their attack, desperate to destroy any trace of their ancient nemeses. The blood claws, grey hunters, and wolf scouts brought down the last rubric marine squad and sorceror, as the dreadnought continued to send enemies flying, including a unit of obliterators that teleported in nearby. The incursion on Kriegsmie had been stopped for now, and the Sea Wolves returned to their transports.

Thanks to Robert for bringing his beautiful army up to BFG for a fun 2k annihilation game Thursday night. He had some bad luck at several crucial moments, and the space wolves were able to grab and hold on as only they can, wiping out the thousand sons to the very last dusty zombie. I think they would have had a much harder time against his usual 'ard list, what with all the obliterators and lascannon havocs. Anyways, good game, it's always fun to send two fully painted armies against one another no matter the outcome.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jetbag Assembled

A few months of scattered attention, a couple tubes of krazy glue, and more than one xacto wound later, the jetbag has assembled itself. I still need to get two more vypers and put the headbands on the shining spears, but I'm primed to start priming the main warhost here in the next couple weeks. I can't glue much together yet, since I still want to be able to get under all the nosepieces and cockpit canopies. Given my penchant for starting sloppy I need a little room to work and clean up the details later. I'm also planning on swapping out all the big bases for medium sized ones on all the jetbikes.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tournament: Battleforge Games 4-12-08

There were 20 people up at the BFG hobby tournament on Saturday and a wide variety of armies, including necrons, eldar, tau, orks, nids, DIY and Ultra marines, both pre- and post-heresy thousand sons, and mechanized guard. There were three interesting missions that built upon each other and had each player pick a unit to be the “unsung heroes” that could earn points by surviving each game and accomplishing certain objectives. I took my current 2k wolves list, with one of my hunter units (the one with the big banner model, led by the battle leader) being my heroes:

Venerable Dreadnought – assault cannon, heavy flamer, extra armor, smoke launchers
Drop Pod

Wolf Guard Battle Leader – bolt pistol, frost blade, wolf pelt, frag grenades

Rune Priest – frost blade, runic staff, wolf pelt, chooser of the slain, frag grenades

6 Wolf Scouts – 2 plasma pistols, meltagun, 2 power weapons, frag grenades
Wolf Guard Leader – bolt pistol, power fist, wolf tooth necklace

2 x 9 Grey Hunters – meltagun, 2 plasma pistols, 6 bolters, 2 power fists
Rhino – extra armor, smoke launchers

9 Blood Claws – flamer, 2 power fists
Wolf Guard Leader – bolt pistol, power fist, wolf pelt, wolf tooth necklace

3 Attack Bikes - heavy bolters

2 x Land Speeder – multimelta, heavy flamer

2 x Predator Annihilator – heavy bolter sponsons, extra armor

I had a good start with full points in the first round but lost my other two games by large margins. Zach’s Mech IG won first place, Chris’ pre-heresy Thousand Sons won second, and Brad’s Orks won third place. I won best painted and grabbed yet another vyper for my Saim Hann.

Game 1 – Chaos Space Marines

Primary mission: Take and Hold (victory points)
Secondary mission: More units in your opponent’s DZ
Tertiary mission: More units in your own DZ
Bonus points: destroy all opponent’s HQs, have your unsung heroes survive the game

My first opponent was also named Mike, a real nice guy who was coming back to the hobby after a long hiatus. He had a mixed force, consisting of a jump pack tzeentch sorcerer, a tzeentch demon prince, a couple of large marine squads with a missile launcher or a lascannon, three chosen squads with four plasma guns each, a defiler, a vindicator, and a lascannon predator. He set them up in a line along his deployment edge, while I mostly butted my rhinos and fast attack units up behind the center terrain piece with my predators anchored on both ends. This was the only game where I was able to effectively set up the castle and concentrate tactic I’ve been working on with this army. The rhinos and terrain screened out the worst of his firepower while the infantry took cover and poured short range fire into anything that came near the center. The wolf scouts came in and disrupted several of his rear units. Late in the game, his sorcerer and demon prince jumped into a grey hunter squad, but were unable to inflict much damage and eventually fell to frost blade and power fist attacks. I accomplished all three objectives and got both bonus points.

Game 2 – Tau

Primary mission: Control the most terrain pieces
Secondary mission: Cleanse (victory points)
Tertiary mission: destroy the most enemy scoring units
Bonus points: have your unsung heroes survive, have your unsung heroes end in the enemy deployment zone, and destroy all opponents units that started the game on the field

Jorge was playing a well-mixed tau list with a battlesuit HQ, another two or three battlesuits, four or five fire warrior squads, a big kroot squad, a pathfinder squad, a stealth suit team, six vespids, a hammerhead, a broadside with shield drones, and two sniper drone teams. The mission also had the “escalation” rule in effect, so most of his army started on the board, while I only had my two characters on foot hiding terrified behind terrain waiting for the rest of my forces to arrive. My bikes, dreadnought, predators, scouts, grey hunters, and landspeeders all came in the second turn, but since they had to start at the table edges, they were unable to make much of a dent in anything but the kroot, and I slowly lost units to scalding fire from pulse rifles and railguns. I also wasted the scouts attacking a much cheaper fire warriors unit, who broke immediately and left them stranded in the middle of his formation to die quickly the next turn. The blood claws didn’t come in until the sixth turn and by then the game was pretty well decided. He accomplished all three objectives while I did none, although my unsung heroes did survive the game.

Game 3 – Space Marines

Primary mission: Seek and Destroy (victory points)
Secondary mission: Secure the artifact
Tertiary mission: Secure and Control
Bonus points: have your unsung heroes survive, have your unsung heroes control the artifact, kill your opponents unsung heroes

Brian was my third opponent, and he had his usual DIY marine chapter list with two jump HQs, two double-AC terminator squads, two small tac squads, two big assault marine squads, a dev squad with missile launchers and a lascannon, and a whirlwind. I went first, moving up my rhinos to form a wall in front of the artifact objective. The few early shots I took at one of his tac squads didn’t do much. On his turn, he wrecked both grey hunter rhinos with smoke and exploded the blood claws’ rhino (without smoke) hiding behind them. He also destroyed one of my predators. So for my second turn, all my squads were down three or four marines and pinned in place. We played a couple more turns but I honestly don’t remember what all happened, other than his assault squads inflicting heavy damage to my infantry and his terminators shredding everything else with their assault cannons. I was just too bold moving my vehicles right in front of his mass shooty bits, plus he was rolling very well while I was not. Basically it just got worse and worse until I gave up. Needless to say, he accomplished all three objectives while the wolves changed their diapers and headed back to the Fang.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saim Hann Redux #527.2

After their first 2000 point game last week against c2’s chaos, I want to playtest a new arrangement with my Saim Hann army that changes the warlocks to shining spears and the farseer to an autarch. In order to use the warlocks’ destructor ability, they really had to get in close, which meant getting assaulted by any decently fast unit, which in turn meant they went squish after maybe two turns. Even wounding on 2’s, they just couldn’t get the job done with only 1 girlyman attack each. The spears’ higher initiative and high strength power weapons might work out a little bit better, plus they’re even a little cheaper. Sure, the power weapon effect lasts only for the initial assault, but hell at least they can hit and run! I figure I have enough anti-tank and a decent amount of anti-horde, so I wanted to throw a different kind of threat in the mix. I think assaulting is more fitting to the wild rider theme than a farseer and warlocks anyway. The autarch can ride with the spears, buffing their leadership, adding attacks, and getting the hit and run ability in return. Or, if necessary, he can break off and melta something to slag.

I’m going to use my warlock models for shining spears, rip one of the arms off and replace it with the jetbike autarch’s right arm to make the exarch’s star lance. Then I’m going to take the farseer off his bike, mount a fusion gun under the canopy, and put the metal autarch on there with another dire avenger spear arm to represent his laser lance. Other than his singing spear, I wasn’t really digging my farseer model anyway; the flow from Eldrad’s body to the jetbiker arms and legs was sort of weenie looking. I’ll keep him around for later. I know the vypers are fragile and expensive, but I figure by adding stones, fields, and cannons to them, stunned and weapon destroyed results no longer have a drastic effect, so instead of 50% chance of them being destroyed or neutered for each glance, there’s only a 25% chance. Maybe later if I get a hold of two more of them, I’ll drop all the upgrades and go for higher numbers of main weapons instead. So, without further ado:

edit: I added in two more vypers, dropped all their holofields as well as the shuriken cannons from the ones with bright lances, changed the shining spears' exarch to have a normal laser lance and a shuriken cannon, and changed the wave serpent's scatter lasers to shuriken cannons.

Autarch – jetbike, mandiblasters, laser lance, fusion gun

5 x 3 Guardian Jetbikes – 1 shuriken cannon each

10 Dire Avengers – Exarch with twin avenger catapults and bladestorm
Wave Serpent – twin-linked shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon

3 Vypers – star cannons, shuriken cannons, spirit stones

3 Vypers – bright lances, spirit stones

4 Singing Spears – Exarch with shuriken cannon, skilled rider, and withdraw

3 Fire Prisms – holofields, spirit stones

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tournament: Dragon's Lair 4-06-08

There were 11 of us up at DL on Sunday, including a couple of new younger faces I didn't recognize but mostly regulars. There was a great mix of armies present: Eldar, Ultramarines, Orks, Dark Angels, Demonhunters, Chaos, Tyranids, my own Witch Hunters, and maybe one more race I'm forgetting. A few were tightly tuned, others not as much. I had a great time and got to play three interesting games against cool people. I played pretty much the same army as last time, minus one guard infantry squad, the inquisitor and retinue, and all of my precious assassins. As it turned out, I didn't miss them all that much, since all three opponents were more about shooting than horde or assault. I had a strong terrain advantage for at least the first two games, as almost all the tables basically consisted of two rows of cover separated by a 20" no-man's land. Great for me, since I was usually able to set up with good lines of fire and screen my exorcists from anti-tank, but maybe a little boring. I slipped up and forgot to hit and run with the Seras at a crucial moment in the last game, but otherwise I was able to remember and apply the sisters' rules and tricksies fairly well. First place went to Nick and his Storm Reaver space marines, second place went to Brendan and his Dark Angels, and I took third place. I picked up a box of dire avengers that will round out my 2k Saim Hann army. More on that tomorrow.

Game 1 - Eldar - Seek and Destroy

I played against Marshall in the last DL tournament, and come to think of it we played annihilation that time, too. For this game he had an avatar, a couple 3-man jetbike squads, a squad of guardians in a wave serpent, 5 or 6 fire dragons, 5 or 6 rangers, 5 warp spiders, a vyper with a scatter laser, two kitted-out falcons with scatter lasers, and a wraithlord. I rolled to go first and immediately took down the wraithlord with the exorcists and lascannons, as well as a ranger or two with the retributors. I may have wounded the avatar once too. He advanced with his mobile elements, shooting up guard or sister squads with his skimmers and their passengers, but my return fire usually cut the attackers down quickly. I just tried to shake or stun the skimmers first in every shooting phase and put any remaining guns into his infantry, until the vyper and falcons were all he had left. The avatar wasn't able to get within shooting range before I fried him with lascannon fire. My exorcists did really well, thanks to me rolling at sixes for the missile count at least twice. I tried to advance the seraphim and canoness, stopping briefly to wipe out the warp spiders and fire dragons that had dropped in front of my gunline, but the seraphim had to make too many saves and actually had to regroup with the spirit of the emperor before hiding for the rest of the game. The canoness, however, made it all the way across the table to light into some jetbikes and wipe them out in close combat. Witch Hunters win, crushing victory.

Game 2 - Chaos Space Marines

I also played Brandon's chaos army at the last tournament. This time he had a cool-looking betentacled tzeentch demon prince, a deep-striking squad of 6 terminators, a dreadnought, two squads of 10 marines with rhino transports, three obliterators, and a defiler. We both set up our firing lines in hard cover, with the exception of his demon prince, who came flying over on my left flank towards one of my exorcists and a guard platoon command squad. He took three wounds along the way, and managed to destroy the exorcist's main (only) gun, but lascannons finished him off before he could do any more damage. A lucky break for me, as his wind of chaos and warptime would have probably rolled up my line. Slowly but surely I picked the rest of his forces off, destroying everything but the defiler and a few marines (IIRC). I had two units near the center, giving me enough points to win by a large margin. Witch Hunters win, victorious slaughter.

Game 3 - Dark Angels

Brendan had a dark angels force consisting of Belial and a bodyguard of terminators, the landspeeder master of the Ravenwing, a veteran squad in a rhino, three more assault cannon/multimelta landspeeders, two or three attack bikes, and a couple squads of bikers. We went into the third round playing at table 2, which had somewhat of an awkward set up for me. He more or less went for a refused flank with his fast units, though it was really the big piece of terrain in my right corner that allowed him to post up next to my forces with his speeders and attack bikes and avoid the rest of my shooters. It probably would have gone a lot worse for me but he was a little hesitant in the early turns and I was able to drop a few units piecemeal before he made his main attack. Once that happened, though, it was only a matter of time for the troops on my right side. He did pop an exorcist first turn, though my second one survived to do plenty of damage on its own as well as drive into his deployment zone for recon points. My seraphim traipsed up on my left side, falling back once only to regroup and continue the assault. Belial and a few assault terminators eventually wiped them out, but only after suffering significant losses themselves. It was a very interesting game, and together with the near-disaster in the second match, I really need to work on a way to prevent fast units from flanking me so hard. I have a few tactics I'm going to try the next time I use the coed gunline. The game ended in a draw.

For next Saturday's hobby tournament at BFG, however, it's going to be the Wolftime. Hopefully I can get them all painted by then.