Monday, May 30, 2016

Tournament: Alamo GT 2016

Another great year come and gone at the Alamo GT in San Antonio. I did pretty poorly this year but still had a decent time pushing my boys in blue around and hanging with a bunch of cool dorks. I did manage to win 3rd Fluffiest Army!

This year I took a demicompany led by a chapter master in 7 drop pods plus a lil CAD with Tigurius and Scouts in Storms.

Here's a small selection of some of the other armies there:

There was a ton of 30k games going on as well, including some big boys:

Game 1 - Elysian Guard

Nick had a ton of little elysian squads in 3 vendettas and 3 valkyries supported by 3 vultures. I nearly tabled him turn 1 after shooting down one of his two valkyries, but couldn't bring down the other. After that, my entire army basically got blown apart one unit at a time by 60 punisher shots and 9 lascannon shots a turn, all twin-linked. Total loss.

Game 2 - Orks

Probably my favorite game of the weekend, despite having to deal with double 7" D plates a turn from his Mek'd up stompa. Suffice to say I got stomped in this game too.

Game 3- Inquisition/Assassinorum/Reaver Titan

From 2 x 7" D plates to 8 x 5" D plates. I won the Maelstrom portion of this mission but lost the primary. The main thing that slowed me down was having to take the first turn or two to kill off the Culexus hiding under the Reaver's skirt so that Tigurius could move in with his invisible assault centurion buddies. But never took more than a few hull points off the big lug and lost nearly my entire army to shooting.

Game 4 - Tyranids

Ah a fresh new day and a total win to kick it off. My 3rd company's hard fought experience fighting Tyranids must have come in handy as I took apart this very mixed bag of bugs.

Game 5 - Space Wolves

To wrap up the weekend, I got hosed by a Wolf force including mostly Wulfen and wolf cav, plus a few quad mortars. Nothing went right for me here, including the useless psychic powers I rolled, and tons of failed to-hits and armor saves.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tournament: Alamo 2015

Another fun Alamo GT this past weekend. This year I worked real hard to finish my Bad Moons Mek Mob Orks so I could finally roll into a big tourney with my Stompa, Da Big Bullybot. 

The list included a Great Waaaagh! Detachment:

Big Mek (mega force field)
Mek (kustom mega blasta)
1 squad of 5 Burna Boyz (3 Meks with kustom mega blastas)
2 squads of Gretchin
2 Deff Dreads (rokkits)
1 squad of 5 Killa Kans (rokkits)

To that I added a CAD:
Big Mek (da Fixer Uppers)
2 squads of Gretchin
1 squad of Lootas
3 Mek Gunz (traktor kannons)

The Meks and Burnas all rode in the Stompa to give a 4+ invuln against shooting and lots of repair rolls every turn. He was tough and never did go down in any of my 5 games. Early game he puts out a good amount of shooting, and late game he's just a big bully (eh? eh?) stomping and kromping around. Honestly, he's usually not doing too much damage and a careful player can usually kill everything else I have and outplay the mission on him. He can only be one place at once, and some assault units actually can tear him up with relative ease. 

Each mission had a typical primary with a  maelstrom secondary and random tertiary objectives.

Game 1 - Ultramarines

I had a great first game against Eric's Ultras, which included Calgar and some assault termies in a Redeemer, drop pod of tac marines, a second squad of tacs on foot, and Tigurius walking around with 5 grav centurions. The primary was objective-based, Dawn of War. Tiggy and Co. stayed far back and invisible for pretty much the whole game, and shot the Stompa a lot, but I repaired him back up to full every turn. Eventually he charged into the big bot with Calgar and got stompalomped. Loota shooting and a Deff Dread had whittled his bodyguard down already and he just didn't get enough hits in to damage the big boy. We drew the primary and Eric won the secondary.

Game 2 - Necrons

Another fun game with old buddy Will. The primary mission was Emperor's Will. He had a necron list with a Nemesor and Lychguard decurion with a Praetorian formation as his auxiliary. I tried to keep away from the Lychguard nightmare as long as possible, krumpin up warriors and praetorians on my right side, but staying out of the middle also kept me from getting his Emperor's will and from scoring enough maelstrom objectives. Will came away with the win, and the Stompa came away with 12 HP (moral victory).

Game 3 - Tyranids

Kenny had a cool big bug army with a couple Tervigons, 2 broods of 2 shooty Carnifexes, an Exocrine, a big gaunt brood, a small gaunt brood, a big brood of devourer-gaunts in a tyrannocyte, all led by Deathleaper. The mission was kill points. He came at me in a big wave in the middle, luckily rolling doubles for both his spawners first turn, and flanked with the dev-gaunts on one side and Deathleaper on the other. His big bugs met my big bots in the center, with Deathleaper joining in. The fexes and lictor ran through the killa kans and a single dread, but eventually I felled his hq with a single Dread klaw hit and the Stompa cleaned up everything else. I won this one primary and secondary.

Game 4 - Grey Knights

My first opponent on day 2 was playing Draigo, a librarian, a big squad of termies, a small strike squad, two storm ravens, and three dreadknights with incinerators. He attacked early with shunt moves, burning some grots and sidling up to the Stompa. They had very little effect after rolling poorly to hit in combat. Draigo and broes mishapped turn one and had to come back second turn, trying to come to the rescue, but it was too late. Lots of dakka, snappin Dread claws, and Stompa stompin got the best of the Knights, despite Draigo and his Storm Ravens taking off 7 HP from the Big Bot in the final turn. Orks win primary and secondary. 

Game 5 - Dark Eldar/Eldar

For my last game, I got paired up against my ole buddy Kings. He brought his Eldar corsair-themed pointy ear combo, including an Archon, a squad of beasts, 3 Venoms with blaster warriors inside, 2 Raiders, a Voidraven bomber, a Razorwing fighter, an Autarch, small Rangers squad, 5 wraithguard, a wraithknight, and a Crimson Hunter. This round's primary mission was the Relic. The Stompa grabbed it early on and held on for the rest of the match as the Eldar emerged from a hidey deployment to circle my forces and whittle down the walkers and grots till the Big Bot was the only thing left standing. I managed to kill almost all of his army, and the Stompa was left with just 3 HP. A very bloody game with the Eldar edging me out in VP scoring both the secondary, tertiary, first blood, and linebreaker. Game of the weekend!

I came away with second place best painted and second place player's choice army. Here are some of the other great armies that showed up to scrum:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wraithwrider in Pwrogwress

Work continues on Project X, a.k.a., the Wraithrider. Who says wraith constructs have to be slow-witted? I think the spirit stone of a Saim Hann Autarch would stay plenty sharp enough to allow him to pilot a specially-constructed bike! The model does honestly look better in person, and I can't wait to paint it. The handlebars were touch and go for a while. I'm still not 100% perfectly pleased but they came out ok.


Now, what kind of benefits would a custom jetbike add to a Wraithlord? You might well imagine a wraithlord given additional speed, strength, wounds, attacks, firepower... There is a unit in the codex with just such attributes! The model is a maybe a head too short, but if my opponents are game, I'll always be willing to grant generous lines of sight in order to be able to use this fluffy silliness.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tournament: Dragon's Lair 12/15/13

I played in the 2013 Dragon's Lair tourney of champions last Sunday and faced off against the top 8 players from the 2013 monthly tournaments, minus one or two that could not attend. I played with one of my latest 2000-point Tau incarnations, though I wish I had come up with my current Farsight build (more on that later) beforehand, because I think I would have had even more fun. As it was, I came away with first place after three tough games. The 'Cuda is always a lot of fun, and does really well at short range. Here was my list:

Riptide - ion accelerator, twin-linked fusion cannon, early warning override
3 Crisis Suits - 6 flamers, 3 fusion guns
6 Stealth Suits - 2 fusion guns, Sha'vre with homing beacon
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
6 Fire Warriors
Devilfish with disruption pods, smart missile system
16 Kroot - sniper rounds
6 Pathfinders
6 Pathfinders
Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter
Hammerhead - Longstrike, submunition rounds, disruption pods
6 Sniper Drones - 2 controllers
3 Broadsides - 3 high-yield rocket pods, 3 smart missile systems, 6 missile drones

Game 1 - Grey Knights


Missions: Killpoints/Relic (1 pt each turn held plus 7 at end of game)
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

My first opponent was Matt, who I definitely respected as historically being the best Grey Knights player in the local community. He had tons of psycannons and plenty of boots on the ground: Inquisitor, Grandmaster, 6 or so Paladins, incinerator dreadknight, 2 psyfleman dreadnoughts, and a few rhinos. My crisis and stealth suits were fairly useless in this game, but everything else delivered a ton of fire into the grey knights line as they ran for the relic.

Matt ended up getting 10 points from the relic mission, plus a few bonus, and I ended up getting most of my 13 points from popping a ton of his combat-squaded units. The sniper drones were helpful in taking out the dreadknight, but it was the fire warriors long range along with the ethereal's pulse boost that generated most of the wounds I caused.

Game 2 - Sisters of Battle

Mission: Emperor's Will/Crusade (3 objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War

For my second game I faced off  against our local Sisters player JR. He was running Saint Celestine, Urea (sic) Jacobus, a Canoness, an inquisitor, a bunch of seraphim, dominions with meltaguns in an multimelta immolator, several small sister squads in rhinos, a big sister mob squad that ran with Urea, heavy bolter retributors, and two exorcists. This is a tough army that puts out a ton of fire, especially the retributors and the exorcists. He had a perfect start, seizing the initiative and scouting the dominions straight at longstrike, taking him out before he had a chance to even tie his shoes. His blob squad came on hard and killed most the kroot and pathfinders, and plenty of fire warriors.


Still, there was still plenty of my stuff left so that when he got to mid-range for the mid-table objective, the torrent of tau fire wiped out one unit after another. I got max points and moved to the top table for my third game.

Game 3: Eldar

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire/Crusade (3 objectives each)
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

For my last game I played against Brandon who was doing well with an Eldar build close to or possibly the same as Darkwynn Nick's list that he used to win Feast of Blades this year. 2 farseers, 2 big guardian squads with 2 bright lances each, 2 D-wraithknights (1 as warlord), a small squad of rangers, 2 windrider jetbike squads, 2 7-man warp spider squads, and a nightspinner. We both had 3 objectives spread evenly across our own deployment zones, but being the more mobile army, he crossed the table quickly to come at me. He had a really good start when his warlord knight D-cannon'd my Riptide right off the bat. He parked one guardian squad in a 2-story building on his right, and charged at me with the other led by a fortune farseer. I wiped out the rangers fairly easily on the middle wall piece with SMS. He charged one wraithknight up on my right flank, and I took him out pretty quickly with pulse fire, sniper rounds, and missile pods. Both wave serpents kept the heat on and took out my pathfinders early on. The other wraithknight eventually strode forward, and despite heavy losses I managed to drop him as well (thanks in big part to the Barracuda). I eventually wiped out his aggro guardian squad and farseer. The game came down to the last turn. He was holding his three objectives with his surviving guardians and small jetbike units, and on my last turn I flew the 'Cuda over and dropped one jetbike, causing a leadership test which he promptly failed and fled. I ended up beating him by one objective along with more heavy support units killed (the 2 knights).

What I really took away from this tournament was that stealth teams are neat in concept but really pretty pointless, and that crisis suits that scatter are also very hit or miss for the points. But instead of spamming things or running some kind of triple-tide or taudar abomination, I've decided putting points towards improving the existing units in my army that usually carry the day. After all, Longstrike has proven well worth the investment with his tank hunters and BS5 bonuses. I've decided to go Farsight and drop the stealth team, field O'Shovah himself, and thereby make the crisis suits scoring and scatter-free. I have to pay the bonding knife douchetax, but in trade I get to have all the above PLUS the earth caste pilot array, which is like Longstrike for ion riptides, and the hexadingdong deny-the-witch doodad, which I have not gotten to use yet. Oh and my troop units can regroup even in teeny squad sizes? I wouldn't kick that out of bed. I had to lose intercept on the riptide and split fire on the broadsides, but like the stealth team, those have only been marginally useful in the games I've played with them. More often than not I count on the full volley of the broadsides to really finish off the tough units coming right at me or plug away at enemy scoring units in cover. And I rarely want to use intercept with the ion accelerator in the enemy turn when I'd rather take away cover from targets using pathfinders before putting down his big badass pie plate. More to come!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Video Battle Report - Tau vs. Space Marines

I played a 2k game against Marky Mark's Assault Rammin' Space Marines this week and made a new video battle report. When I made my latest 'big' list of Tau, I wanted to include some less popular units and also take advantage of the new Barracuda rules in the IA3 update. So I did away with the helper commander and second tank.

Here's my current list:
3 Crisis Suits - 2 flamers and fusion blaster each
Riptide - early warning override
6 Stealth Suits - 2 fusion guns, Shas'vre with homing beacon
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
6 Fire Warriors - Devilfish with disruption pods and SMS
6 Pathfinders
6 Pathfinders
Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter - disruption pods, decoy launchers
Hammerhead - Longstrike, submunition rounds, disruption pods
3 Broadsides - high-yield missile pods, SMS, 3 split fire, 12 missile drones
6 Sniper Drones - 2 controllers

 I've played with this list a few times now. The Barracuda does ok, and it's only got 2 hullpoints, but I think it looks and plays so much better than the codex flyers. Even with some of the more 'fun' units, this list has still done pretty well; well enough that I'm just not sure if it can even hang in the 'friendly' game circuit. I did put the finishing touches on it today, including lens effects and sept markings on everybody. I picked yellow for Tau'n since I think it popped pretty well with the orange already in the scheme. I had to experiment with a sept marking quite a few times before I got a simple, repeatable design, and I think it came out pretty well. Here's a few more pics from our game:

Bonus picture of current Project X!