Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wraithwrider in Pwrogwress

Work continues on Project X, a.k.a., the Wraithrider. Who says wraith constructs have to be slow-witted? I think the spirit stone of a Saim Hann Autarch would stay plenty sharp enough to allow him to pilot a specially-constructed bike! The model does honestly look better in person, and I can't wait to paint it. The handlebars were touch and go for a while. I'm still not 100% perfectly pleased but they came out ok.


Now, what kind of benefits would a custom jetbike add to a Wraithlord? You might well imagine a wraithlord given additional speed, strength, wounds, attacks, firepower... There is a unit in the codex with just such attributes! The model is a maybe a head too short, but if my opponents are game, I'll always be willing to grant generous lines of sight in order to be able to use this fluffy silliness.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Cool idea..

just put it on a scenic base and get it a bit higher up!