Monday, May 18, 2015

Tournament: Alamo 2015

Another fun Alamo GT this past weekend. This year I worked real hard to finish my Bad Moons Mek Mob Orks so I could finally roll into a big tourney with my Stompa, Da Big Bullybot. 

The list included a Great Waaaagh! Detachment:

Big Mek (mega force field)
Mek (kustom mega blasta)
1 squad of 5 Burna Boyz (3 Meks with kustom mega blastas)
2 squads of Gretchin
2 Deff Dreads (rokkits)
1 squad of 5 Killa Kans (rokkits)

To that I added a CAD:
Big Mek (da Fixer Uppers)
2 squads of Gretchin
1 squad of Lootas
3 Mek Gunz (traktor kannons)

The Meks and Burnas all rode in the Stompa to give a 4+ invuln against shooting and lots of repair rolls every turn. He was tough and never did go down in any of my 5 games. Early game he puts out a good amount of shooting, and late game he's just a big bully (eh? eh?) stomping and kromping around. Honestly, he's usually not doing too much damage and a careful player can usually kill everything else I have and outplay the mission on him. He can only be one place at once, and some assault units actually can tear him up with relative ease. 

Each mission had a typical primary with a  maelstrom secondary and random tertiary objectives.

Game 1 - Ultramarines

I had a great first game against Eric's Ultras, which included Calgar and some assault termies in a Redeemer, drop pod of tac marines, a second squad of tacs on foot, and Tigurius walking around with 5 grav centurions. The primary was objective-based, Dawn of War. Tiggy and Co. stayed far back and invisible for pretty much the whole game, and shot the Stompa a lot, but I repaired him back up to full every turn. Eventually he charged into the big bot with Calgar and got stompalomped. Loota shooting and a Deff Dread had whittled his bodyguard down already and he just didn't get enough hits in to damage the big boy. We drew the primary and Eric won the secondary.

Game 2 - Necrons

Another fun game with old buddy Will. The primary mission was Emperor's Will. He had a necron list with a Nemesor and Lychguard decurion with a Praetorian formation as his auxiliary. I tried to keep away from the Lychguard nightmare as long as possible, krumpin up warriors and praetorians on my right side, but staying out of the middle also kept me from getting his Emperor's will and from scoring enough maelstrom objectives. Will came away with the win, and the Stompa came away with 12 HP (moral victory).

Game 3 - Tyranids

Kenny had a cool big bug army with a couple Tervigons, 2 broods of 2 shooty Carnifexes, an Exocrine, a big gaunt brood, a small gaunt brood, a big brood of devourer-gaunts in a tyrannocyte, all led by Deathleaper. The mission was kill points. He came at me in a big wave in the middle, luckily rolling doubles for both his spawners first turn, and flanked with the dev-gaunts on one side and Deathleaper on the other. His big bugs met my big bots in the center, with Deathleaper joining in. The fexes and lictor ran through the killa kans and a single dread, but eventually I felled his hq with a single Dread klaw hit and the Stompa cleaned up everything else. I won this one primary and secondary.

Game 4 - Grey Knights

My first opponent on day 2 was playing Draigo, a librarian, a big squad of termies, a small strike squad, two storm ravens, and three dreadknights with incinerators. He attacked early with shunt moves, burning some grots and sidling up to the Stompa. They had very little effect after rolling poorly to hit in combat. Draigo and broes mishapped turn one and had to come back second turn, trying to come to the rescue, but it was too late. Lots of dakka, snappin Dread claws, and Stompa stompin got the best of the Knights, despite Draigo and his Storm Ravens taking off 7 HP from the Big Bot in the final turn. Orks win primary and secondary. 

Game 5 - Dark Eldar/Eldar

For my last game, I got paired up against my ole buddy Kings. He brought his Eldar corsair-themed pointy ear combo, including an Archon, a squad of beasts, 3 Venoms with blaster warriors inside, 2 Raiders, a Voidraven bomber, a Razorwing fighter, an Autarch, small Rangers squad, 5 wraithguard, a wraithknight, and a Crimson Hunter. This round's primary mission was the Relic. The Stompa grabbed it early on and held on for the rest of the match as the Eldar emerged from a hidey deployment to circle my forces and whittle down the walkers and grots till the Big Bot was the only thing left standing. I managed to kill almost all of his army, and the Stompa was left with just 3 HP. A very bloody game with the Eldar edging me out in VP scoring both the secondary, tertiary, first blood, and linebreaker. Game of the weekend!

I came away with second place best painted and second place player's choice army. Here are some of the other great armies that showed up to scrum: