Saturday, March 21, 2009

Latest Wolves List

Here's a 2000 point Space Wolves list I was considering taking to the next bfg hobby tournament:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - frost blade, storm shield, wolf tooth necklace, wolf pelt, frag grenades

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - frost blade, storm shield, wolf tooth necklace, wolf pelt, frag grenades

Rune Priest - frost blade, storm shield, wolf pelt, frag grenades, chooser of the slain, wolf tooth necklace

Venerable Dreadnought - multimelta, heavy flamer, extra armor, smoke launchers
Drop Pod

9 Grey Hunters - meltagun, 2 power fists
Rhino - extra armor

9 Grey Hunters - meltagun, 2 power fists
Rhino - extra armor

11 Blood Claws - flamer, 3 power fists

3 Attack Bikes

Land Speeder - multimelta, heavy flamer

Land Speeder - multimelta, heavy flamer

Predator - heavy bolter sponsons

Predator - heavy bolter sponsons

Land Raider - multimelta, extra armor

I still need to paint a drop pod, add the storm shields to the characters, and switch out the grey hunters' bolters for pistols and CCWs, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Check out BushidoRedPanda's blog for a battle report on our recent eldar faceoff. I'm continuing to make slow but steady progress with the saim hann painting, and experimenting with a few different builds once or twice a week. Recently I switched out one fire dragon and some jetbikes for a fusion gun/power weapon autarch to ride with the dragons and help out with the full reserve deployment.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tournament: Battleforge Games 3-14-09

The third BFG tournament of 2009 was another 'eavy tournament, so I thought I would try out something redundant and hopefully hard hitting. Here was the list I used:


Sorceror - mark of slaanesh, lash of submission

4 Terminators - 4 combimeltas, icon of chaos glory
Land Raider - extra armor

9 Plaguemarines - 2 meltaguns, plague champion w/ powerfist and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor

9 Thousand Sons - sorceror w/ doombolt and personal icon
Rhino - extra armor

10 Lesser Demons

3 Defilers - 2 CCWs

With a bit more practice this army would be pretty devastating. As it was I had a couple decent games and then a total bomber against nob orks. I don't know as I'm going to shill out for 2 more defilers anytime soon, even though it was very fun to play.

Game 1 - Chaos

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Victory Points
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground
Tertiary Objective: Head Shot (kill the enemies highest point unit)
Bonus points: Kill all enemy HQs, kill all enemy elites, have no heavy support survive the game

Mike was counting on some borrowed models to make the army he wanted, but when the models were left at home he had to make do with a much less heavy army. As it was, he had 2 flying nurgle princes, 3 terminators in a land raider, 2 big squads of plaguemarines in rhinos, a small squad of chosen with plasma guns and a lascannon, a defiler, a vindicator, and 3 obliterators. It was a bloody game but he had pretty bad dice rolls and Abaddon and the defilers really made a mess out of all his toys. I won with a massacre.

Game 2 - Eldar

Deployment: Pitched battle
Primary objective: Victory points
Secondary objective: Most kill points within 6" of the center marker
Tertiary objective: Hold the line
Bonus points: Kill all enemy troops, have the tallest/highest altitude model on the battlefield at the end of the game, have no scoring units of your own left at the end of the game.

Eldar was 2nd only to orks in the "armies I didn't want to be paired against" category, but naturally for the second round I ran right into Amar's aspect-heavy force. He had Eldrad, a second farseer, a squad of howling banshees, a squad of harlequins, a large squad of striking scorpions, a small squad of warp spiders, a vyper with a bright lance, 2 small squads of jetbikes, 2 small squads of pathfinders, 2 lance/sword wraithlords, and a small squad of dark reapers. Not a lot of mech though outside of a lance vyper that was immobilized early on but lived for another couple of turns. I started everything in the middle, well aware that he would use eldrad to re-deploy and avoid a direct attack. He actually managed to roll high for the number of units he could move and split the army evenly in half in opposite corners. I pushed most of my stuff towards the left, taking potshots at everything moving with the battle cannons and sending the thousand sons out wide to bait the wraithlord out into the open. He moved the wraithlord forward as if to charge, but just at that moment the scorpions arrived as well, outflanking right into the thousand sons. After Abaddon and company ate the wraithlord and the nearby pathfinders, I sent him after Eldrad and the surviving howling banshees, who also fell. The harlequins danced out of range for the entire game until they found opportunity to wipe out Abaddon and the last of the terminators. I didn't get much done to the right side of his force, and in the end he won the primary and I won primary and tertiary.

Game 3 - Orks

Deployment: Spearhead
Primary: Seize ground (5 randomly scattering objectives)
Secondary: Table quarters
Tertiary: Have your hero die in the game
Bonus: Hero kills 1 enemy HQ, kill all enemy fast attack units, have no HQ left at the end of the game.

Thomas brought his uber nob biker army to the tournament, lost his first game against Kingsley (who is inarguably the best player in town) and so we ended up paired together for the third round. He had 2 klaw bike bosses, 2 fully kitted squads of nob orks with 3 klaws each, 2 squads of 15 lootas, and a big squad of shootaboys with rokkits. I played this one wrong in many ways, but I'm still not convinced it would have made much of a difference. First turn he turboboosted both nob squads around center to my left and took the first defiler out with the lootas. I managed to lash the closest nob unit and pushed it back a bit and into a ball before bouncing two ordnance blasts off them from the surviving defilers, but I don't think I even caused 1 wound. I charged forward with the land raider towards the mass of orks on foot. Second turn he charged and killed one defiler and destroyed the third with the lootas. I pulled back a bit with the sorceror and thousand sons in the rhino, and pulled way back with the nurgle marines towards the objective bouncing around in my home corner. I was intending to get abaddon and the terminators out to charge one squad of lootas but the shoota boys were blocking the way so Abby waded into them instead. I killed maybe 3-4 boys at a time while the squad's nob klawed through the other terminators slowly but surely. With Abaddon tangled up in the shoota boys for the rest of the game, the biker nobz and loota shooting easily wiped out all my infantry. We called it around the fourth turn or so. I should have just held defilers in reserve until they could charge into the oncoming bikes, charged in with Abaddon too, and maybe pestered the walking orks with the sorceror, land raider, and troops if they lived that long. Good game, what are you gonna do.