Sunday, February 17, 2008

Slow News Days

Sorry for the low post count lately, we're buying a house and moving and having garage sales and all that kind of shit. Nevertheless, I have been working on 40k stuff in the midst of all the chaos, I just haven't had much news worth blogging about. I finished painting up a couple Space Wolves landspeeders this weekend, and also wrote a long piece about my unit choices for that army that will appear here shortly. Today there's another 2k Rules of Engagement tournament at Ninja Pirates that I will be attending and shall describe in detail as always.

I get about 75 or so hits a day (tailing off after my recent slow supply of entries) and I know the Austin community is big, but not THAT big. So I think there's more than a few outlanders coming by here, probably BOLS referrals. I was interested in what they *you* might want to hear about. Obviously my approach to 40k blogging is different from BOLS, in that they provide tons of rumors, their own reference material, strategy, etc, while I simply and selfishly focus on my own games and armies. I thought in 2008 I might expand a little to give more coverage to the Austin 40k scene in general: the major players, some special events, and obviously continuing tournament coverage. What else would you turds like to hear more about? Leave me a comment if you have the time. Also, if you too have a 40k blog that you update fairly regularly and it's not listed in my sidebar section there, let me know.


Anonymous said...

As you said I found your site through BOLS and I've continued to come here for inspiration since you seem to get to play much more 40k than me. I like your battle reports but also the tactical musings you do regarding your army choices and their performance.

I also think it's because I believe to have found a soul mate in regarding your attention deficiency; Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids and Witch Hunters... ;-) (my own affliction is Imperial Fist SMurfs, Swarming Tyranids, Bad Moon Orks, Nurgle Chaos, and unplayed conscript heavy Imperial Guard [saving that one as a graduation present for myself...])

So I say just continue doing what you do and I'm really interested in seeing your Saim Hann. Good luck moving, it's hell finding all your stuff after moving/ Ironjens

Artificer said...

Not certain how I found your site, might have been via google blogger search. As a regular visitor from across the pond, obviously I have enjoyed the content as is and I envy you the active scene in Austin.