Thursday, March 8, 2012

Whole Lotta Shakin

After further review, I think I will try to incorporate Orikan and a couple transmogrification crypteks into my 2k list for some shake-n-bake silliness. Orikan is pretty sick regardless of his temporal snares, especially thrown in with the Stormlord and a chronometron, giving him relentless as well as a possible reroll to help keep him in hulk mode. Still lovin the Crons! Here's the list:

2 Crypteks - transmogrification
1 Cryptek - eternity, chronometron
Ctan - writhing worldscape, pyreshards
5 Warriors - Ghost Ark
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
5 Wraiths - 2 whip coils & particle casters, 2 whip coils
6 Scarab swarms
2 Tomb Spyders
Annihilation Barge

I think it still keeps some variety in there without going full-on mech MSU and it won't take too much extra painting on my part to finish up. I have some deathmark heads and a box of praetorians coming in right now to make crypteks, and I think I will use my existing cryptek as Orikan for the near future.


1 comment:

Aventine said...

That's awesome! The Necron list I am working on right now has Orikan+C'tan (Snarescape!)) and a couple Tremor Staves, looks wicked!