Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Tau Myself

Workin' on the tau but thinkin' about Eldar! 

Here's my current list:

HQ Ethereal (warlord) - homing beacon
HQ Commander - drone controller, puretide engram chip, multispectrum sensor
EL 3 Crisis Battlesuits - 2 flamers and 1 fusion gun each
EL Riptide - ion accelerator, intercept, stim injector
TR 10 Fire Warriors - Devilfish with disruption pods
TR 10 Fire Warriors
TR 10 Fire Warriors
TR 10 Fire Warriors
TR 16 Kroot - sniper rounds
FA 6 Pathfinders
FA 6 Pathfinders
HS 3 Broadsides - target lock, 6 rocket drones
HS Hammerhead - Longstrike, submunition rounds, SMS, disruption pod
HS Sky Ray - disruption pods

The Commander hangs with the broadsides (giving them BS5 missile drones, ignore cover, and helpful USRs), who castle up along with the Etherealfish and Riptide behind Fire Warriors. The Kroot harass. Once major threats are dealt with I expand the sphere, so to speak. Hope to play my first game with them tomorrow and see 'wut it do.' I may drop Longstrike for 4 more Pathfinders and a blacksun filter for the Hammerhead, and maybe swap the Riptide's stim injector for skyfire and take a second Hammerhead instead of the Sky Ray.

Here's a prototype Fire Warrior:

The plan is to add patches of snow and hay-colored dead grass bunches. That will take a while!

And my Riptide, rippin up what will eventually be a Crimson Fist or Ultramarines Ven Dread:


Aventine said...

Using a FW dread on a base... you crazy

bullymike said...

It's been lying around since the first BOLScon... actually I posed him on the ground to be eaten by my Tomb Stalker, but the TS was so hard to pose I didn't end up using it for that.