Saturday, September 1, 2007

Project Updates...

I finished converting a bike for my half-a-sorcerer and applied some Citadel black spray primer. Unfortunately it came out wet as hell and gloppy. I had to do some emergency toothbrush action to get most of it out of the cracks before it set. It may not make too much of a difference in the end (at least I hope not), but annoying nonenetheless. Their white spray seems more powdery but the black one came out too wet and thick. It was difficult to get even coverage without applying it too thick and losing details. I'm undecided on how my Thousand Sons will end up but I think I'm going to give them a white base to be sure. Those models are too interesting to glop up with that shitty black.

In the rulebook, I can't find any reason that a biker wouldn't get +1 for 2 close combat weapons in assault. Maybe I'm crazy and that was a 3rd edition thing, and they just haven't equipped bikers with bolt pistols and close combat weapons before the upcoming chaos book. That means that my champion will get 5 power weapon attacks charging, one other biker will get 4, and the two with meltaguns will get 3 each. Not too bad for a screen/mobile teleport homer.

My Eversor is all painted up and just needs basing, and the last of my Inquisitor retinue is coming in soon. I also got a bird to serve as my Space Wolf Rune Priest's Chooser of the Slain. A great piece of wargear and it's a vulture to boot. Thanks to Aventine for helping me out with that.

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