Sunday, January 27, 2008

Been Caught Stealing

Ok, please forgive the cheesy title, I've been listening to Jane's Addiction lately, and I couldn't think of anything better. My point is, I painted up 7 more genestealers to finish my first squad of 8 - the protypical "Pure" brood. Only 40 more to go, though theoretically they should take a little less time as there's less yellow to work on - each of the other five schemes has different black bodyparts. Before I crack into unit no. 2, though, I'm going to work on either the warriors or a big fex.

I heard Space Wolves is not on the radar for a 2008 release, hopefully not true. BOLS had some commentary from JJ that they were "high priority," but that's not precise enough language to truly inspire me.


Anonymous said...

Lookin good bro. How do you plan to base them and are those toungs white?!


Anonymous said...

very nice, I heard yellow is a hard color to do to, but seems like your pulling it off.

bullymike said...

No, the tongues are actually going to be more pink than white, it was the one step I hadn't finished because it was a late change from black. I wanted to be consistent with black going only on the rippy/armory bits. I

Bases, well, I plan on working a bit harder on my tyranid bases than my other armies in the past. I wanted all my imperial army forces (guard/WH) to have consistent bases, even though they're not as detailed and lifelike as I'd like them to be. anyway the nid bases will be some kind of tundra/ice theme, with a little static grass here and there possibly. i'm going to get a finer sand to work with and experiment a bit with grey paint. something like a fresh snowfall on dead soil or ash waste might also be cool. white flocking is obviously one way i could work it. we'll see.

@anon - thanks for the comment on the yellow, yes, it strains the patience when you realize you always have just one more coat of yellow to lay down before highlighting but I'm working my way through slowly but surely.

My schedule for the Saim Hann project was possibly too optimistic, or maybe I figured I'd bore out of painting bugs, break down and start into Eldar early. Either way it's looking more like fall '08 before they get going.

I completely finished the lower body of the dakkafex, and I've got most of the upper body done as well. Now I just have to go back and touch up the carapace after the yellow drybrushings, ink any unfilled recessed areas, touch up the yellow one final time, highlight with the white/yellow, and lacquer the black carapace. Oh and pink the guns. He's looking pretty cool.

Bushido Red Panda said...

Hey Man,

You playing at NP this weekend?

bullymike said...

more than likely. if i can get 2 primed landspeeders painted (doubtful) i might play space wolves - i had a lot of fun playing with them at the bfg tourney last saturday (gotta work on that post). otherwise itll probably be bugs.