Sunday, April 24, 2011


I've got nearly all of my counts-as blood angels army together, or at least the first incarnation of it. Once I get my jump packs and last throne axe in the mail, I'll put some pictures up. After further consideration I've decided to use them to represent a specific berzerker warband which I will call The Guillotine. I'm also thinking now the chainfists on the Dreadnought could represent blood talons, with their ability to cut right through several foes with each swing.

The updated counts-as list:

Dante (or Astorath)

Sanguinary Guard - 1 powerfist

3 Sanguinary Priests - 3 power weapons, 1 bike, 1 jump pack

Furioso Dreadnought - heavy flamer, blood talons

10 Assault Marines - 2 inferno pistols, sergeant with powerfist

10 Assault Marines - 2 inferno pistols, sergeant with powerfist

10 Assault Marines - 2 inferno pistols, sergeant with powerfist

7 Marine Bikes - 2 flamers, sergeant with powerfist

Storm Raven - TL lascannon, TL multimelta

Led by Lord Grozan, the Guillotine has served with distinction, if not sophistication, in many of Abaddon's Black Crusades. Living only to spill blood for the blood god, they represent a loose coalition of former World Eater legionnaires, the only membership requirement being the ability to keep up with the rest of the band. Over centuries of raids and invasions, the Guillotine has amassed an impressive armory of fast assault tech, ancient and otherwise, that allows them to come to grips with their enemy as quickly as possible.

Lord Grozan was once Captain Keer, a senior World Eater who was among the host sent to hunt down the surviving loyalists on Istvaan V. His archaic bronzed armor, and that of his chosen retinue, can always be seen at the spearhead of any assault, absorbing withering enemy fire as he surges towards the front line. His peerless reputation for tracking and butchering the most senior enemy commander in every engagement sends even the most stalwart heroes skittering for an off-world shuttle.

His only rival in such feats is Mortrek the Slaughterer, who was entombed in his brazen sarcophagus after being very nearly immolated to death at the Battle of Skalathrax. Mortrek is known for his aerial assaults, his bladed limbs hewing a path through the most dense enemy infantry before his massive bulk has even hit the ground.

The most skilled Guillotine champions carry the sinister Axes of the Throne. These wretched fusions of demonic steel and bone from Khorne's skull throne were forcefully pried from the clutches of bloodcrusher champions on the demon world Gora, and their mere presence drives all those nearby into an unstoppable frenzy. The largest and most powerful Throne Axe is Deathsfall, carried into battle by Drazhad the Sunderer, a psychopath of matchless malificence, whose personal tally of skulls inspires all those around him to feats of martial greatness and monumental carnage.


Paije said...

Where are all the characters allocated?

bullymike said...

Got my jump packs and last throne champ/priest in today, assembled the jumper squad and based the throne champ as well as Drazhad/Asteroth. So i should be good for my first game with them this week, where im planning to throw the foot thronechamp/priest in the storm raven with, or possibly without, one of the foot assault squads, as well as Mortrek/furioso. Ill be playing against some vanilla marines with even shooting/assault. Null zone might be something i have to watch out for. I cant decide how much to experiment with deep strike for the first game... Getting second turn might encourage me to go crazy.

bullymike said...

as far as the other two throne champs/priests, they'll ride with the similarly equipped squads - jumper with jumpers, biker with bikers.

i keep forgetting about the bikes... a key element in the full court press. surely FNP T5 3++ right in your face first turn is a good distraction... even if most of them only have 1 base attack >:(

bullymike said...

dante will most likely hang with either the guard or the jumpers. an alternate configuration is to send him with the jumper assault squad, leave the foot assault squad in rhinos, and stick the sanguinary guard in the storm raven with the foot throne champ/priest.

FrankJ said...

Pics! We want pics!