Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pre-Primered Guillotine

Pictures as promised of the new gang!

Group shot:

From left: Drahzhad (Astoroth), Lord Grozan and the Skull Brethren (Dante and Sanguinary Guard), and Togg, the Bringer of the Red Mist (Chaplain)

Gragh's Reavers (Bikers):

The 3 Throne Champions (sanguinary priests), with Mortrek the Slaughterer (furioso dreadnought) bringing up the rear:

Turgan's Rain of Blood (jump pack assault marines):

And finally, Raptor One:

Top view of Raptor One:

Bottom view of Raptor One, showing the magnagrapple:


Bushido Red Panda said...

Friggin sweet! :D This was an idea I had thrown around for a bit when the blood angels first came out. Awesome to see someone doing it. I love those maxmini jump packs! I've got some to put on my raptors, once I finally get to it.

bullymike said...

Thanks dude! I love the maxminis though honestly they were my second choice after i just barely missed a sweet ebay deal for 26 raptor packs... Rrrr i was so pissed!!

Bushido Red Panda said...

HA! Raptor packs are nice, but you just get one, cast it 30 times, then throw the metal version away :D Those metal packs are such a pain in the ass! :D