Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mission: The Well of Tears

While exploring a long lost Eldar maiden world, your expeditionary force has stumbled upon a wraithbone ruin pulsating with ancient energies. This strange node could bring great fortune to its owners. Unfortunately another general has found the place and wants the power for themselves!

Victory points, Night Fighting (in effect the entire game)

Special Rules: Gravity Well - Any infantry or walker unit that ends its own movement phase within 18" of the center of the table rolls 4d6. Each model in the unit is immediately moved that distance directly towards the center of the table, continuing even if the move takes the unit past the center of the table. This move ignores difficult terrain but can trigger dangerous terrain tests for the usual units if they end their move in difficult terrain. If this brings the unit into contact with impassable terrain, the move ends. If this brings the unit into contact with an enemy unit, that unit may not fire in the shooting phase but immediately counts as engaged in close combat. The unit does not move any further in assault but begins the assault phase where its 4d6 move ended.

Deployment: Table quarters. No player may place a unit within 18" of the center of the table.

Primary Objective: Take and Hold - as in the BGB.

Secondary Objective: Rivals - Both players declare one of their HQ units as their general. This can be a unit of non-independent characters (e.g., tyranid warriors) only if a player does not have an independent character HQ unit. If a player's general is alive at the end of the game, and the enemy general has been removed, and the two generals were engaged in the same close combat, that player earns victory points equal to 1/4 of the point limit for the game (i.e., if it was a 2000 point game, the player would earn 500 points).

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