Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toggog's Marauders Reorganized

From scuttlebutt and demonstration copies, I've put together a new list for Toggog and his buddies.


Demon Prince - wings, mark of khorne

Sorcerer - mark of slaanesh, bike, lash of submission, personal icon


10 Terminators - champion with 2 lightning claws, 2 with reaper autocannons and chainfists, 1 with combiflamer and powerfist, 1 with combiplasma and power weapon, 5 with twin-linked bolters and power weapons, icon of tzeentch


10 Khorne Berzerkers - personal icon, 2 plasma pistols, skull champion with power fist
Rhino with extra armor

9 Thousand Sons - personal icon
1 Aspiring Sorcerer - warptime
Rhino with extra armor


4 Bikers - champion with power weapon and meltabomb, 2 meltaguns


1 Obliterator

1 Obliterator

8 Havocs - 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon, icon of chaos glory

I've read many many complaints about the new book but I think overall that change is good. Some units got screwed but most of the simplifications are quite refreshing. Of course you want that rhino with smokes and that vindicator with a dozer blade! Shit is like stock now. But not even out of the gate Lash of Submission is already making testes shrivel in fear all over ze world. Next year's GT winning armies are being scrounged together, double lash this, triple lash that, etc etc. Whatever. I'm still going to have one in my army, because it sounds like a very useful trick and the bike sorcerer is sick and slick regardless. Ideally the thousand sons and terminators are going to create a nice 24" no-man's land that I can lash folks into from time to time and shoot em up, assaulting the leftovers with the zerks. The oblits and havocs will rain down while the demon prince chases down tanks and bowls into static shooty squads. The new icon system makes deep striking such a large terminator squad a very viable tactic. That seems like it would be a lot to deal with at once... 10 terminators with a 4+ invulnerable and spiky/fisty as hell? Time will tell.

One thing I noticed - the new "assault vehicle" rule for the land raider says you can assault when dismounting from any exit point, including the side hatches. A very small detail but I can see how it might come in handy in some limited situations. This was probably already set up in the DA and BA codices but it was the first time I heard about it.


Aventine said...

Hmmm, interesting, looks like you didn't really gain too many models. Lash and 1k sons, eh?

Capt Tyranus said...

I'm not in love with the Havoc squad. Too unfocused in terms of weapons.

Have you thought of giving the Havocs the Icon of Nurgle? That way you have a squad dedicated to each god.

BTW, that Termie squad looks NASTY!

bullymike said...

First off, I just updated the list so check it out now after the changes. I dropped the demons, dropped the bikers' khorne icon, changed the Terminator icon to Tzeentch, and added 2 havocs (meatshields). Surely that 4+ save will work out well on the termies.

But to answer your question, no, not too many new models. I already have the sorcerer, just have to cut him in half and add a bike. I do have to buy and paint a box of pharoah marines and a rhino but other than that I'm ready to go. I always wanted to paint some anyway and I think they will complement the lash and berzerkers quite well. Obviously the bikes are there primarily to screen the lash biker, so I took the khorne icon away from them, seemed like a waste...

Interesting, ok, but what do you really think about the list and its potential? Tear that shit up!

bullymike said...

agreed about the havocs. unfortunately it's using what i have at the current time. i'd like to replace them with a third obliterator (possibly in a separate unit) and a vindicator.

reading around, there is a quite a lot of debate about whether you can reposition the models within a unit that are moved by lash. i can see it both ways and I know that different opponents will, too. i wonder whether we'll have to ask for a solid ruling on that aspect before each game/tournament?

bullymike said...

Changed the havocs to 8 strong with 4 missile launchers. It leaves me slightly light on heavy anti-tank but between the obliterator LCs and the roving demon prince I should be able to handle a land raider or russes.