Monday, August 6, 2007

Task Force Quaesus, Ultramarines

The following was written by Frank J., a.k.a. Capt. Tyranus, as background for his Ultramarines army for the citywide tournament. I just wanted to post it because it's awesome, especially for Austinites...

Upon the Great Sundering, Captain Sicarius had his men relocate from Mjolnir to the newly founded forge world of KrigSmie in order to establish a new base of operations. Reinforced with the heavier firepower needed to meet the challenges of the new reality within the Travis subsector, Task Force Tachyon beame Task Force Quaesus.

With the founding of KrigSmie, instability around Travis grew as Mjolnir attempted to maintain its preeminent position in the subsector, Wyrmshaven tried to reassert its previous dominance, and KrigSmie encroached into both of their territories. The initial skirmishes quickly escalated as each planet called on supporters and allies in an effort to establish dominance over its rivals. The time for all-out battle to establish the dominant power in the subsector is now at hand.

In response to ancient debts, the Ultramarines have entered into a formal alliance with the upstart Fabricators who now control KrigSmie. Captain Sicarius will lead the men of the 2nd into battle with the coalition that will face off against the enemies of the Tech Adepts.

Conscious of the importance of this mission, the Ultramarines have granted Sicarius the use of Epistolary Ptolemaius of the Chapter's Librarium. This mighty warrior will be accompanied by a bodyguard of picked men from the 9th who have sworn to die in his defense. As usual, the Captain has also attached a sizeable group of neophytes approaching elevation into the ranks of battle brethren into his force.

Appropriately reinforced, Sicarius and the men of Quaesus are now ready to smite their foes with fire and blade.

Death to the Enemies of Ultramar!

Courage and Honour!

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