Sunday, April 22, 2007

Demon Prince

Here is my Daemon Prince. The most obvious thing about him is that he's basically the old Bloodthirster (Greater Daemon) model. Not so obvious is the fact that this is the second paint job he's seen in his time in my collection, which is substantial given that he was probably the seventh model I ever bought, just after the squad of old metal Khorne Berzerkers (who have themselves gone on to a more badass reincarnation as my Khorne Possessed). Also not obvious is the enormous number of skulls he's harvested over that period of time. I'd need a ton of those old fantasy skeleton sprues to model an accurate pile for him.

After C. adopted the chaos army and fell in love with Khorne's insanity, she fielded him as a Bloodthirster with generally weak results, IIRC. It didn't help that we were getting his instability rules wrong, but he rarely earned his points back. My main reason to switch him over to a DP was confirming that daemonic stature really did make his base toughness to 5 rather than just boost it. This left only Tau railguns and demolishers as a instant-kill threat and gave him the ability to start directly on the table, at a cheaper price to boot.

When I disassembled him and stripped off his old paint, I noticed his hooves were a little uneven on the bottom, as the foot without the post never met the base at a flat angle. This is what gave me the idea to have him pinning down a hapless victim. I just happened to have an extra plastic marine body lying around, and since my chaos terminators already featured Space Wolves helmets in their spiky bits (ostensibly from fighting them all the time), his prey's identity was a gimme. He gets his stability from pins that run from inside his hooves (one through the marine) down into the plastic base below the foam rubble (which is just tall enough to make him 15cm, as required to reflect daemonic stature). I also raised his head a bit and gave him a green stuff neck, so he'd be looking forward instead of straight down.

Here are his vitals:

Daemon Prince (187)

6 3 6 5 3 5 4/5 10 2+/5+

Mark of Khorne
Axe of Khorne
Close combat weapon
Frag grenades (I like to think the whip takes care of this)
Daemonic Aura
Daemonic Flight
Daemonic Stature
Daemonic Strength
Daemonic Visage
Daemon Armor
Feel no pain

Lately, especially since I've been playing guard, this guy is the fucking bane of my existence. Just last night he tore through three different infantry squads, a basilisk and a Leman Russ. Other than a few random anti-tank shots from her obliterators, C. took my whole 1500 army apart with the DP and 5 berzerkers. I hit him once with the demolisher but rolled a '1' to wound. Sigh.

Once he reaches my lines, no amount of shifting can keep the big dog at bay. Lascannons? He pees on your lascannons. So what if he fails his 5+ invulnerable (and he usually passes it)? He's still got a 50% chance to shrug it off, and it only inflicts one wound anyway! A buried commissar powerfist is a possibility, but normally his squad is nested in the center of my infantry and with daemonic flight the DP can bounce around wherever he wants. I guess I'll continue to experiment with squad placement, attempt to disallow those sweeping advances, and hope to catch him stranded with everything I got.


mackinblack said...

For those stats, he should cost like 300pts. Not even Necron points can match that value.

bullymike said...

He's bomblike. It's creepy, but he demands you send him a worthy opponent for close combat... I have shot him dead before but it takes a lot of firepower. 108 shots from warriors to inflict just one wound. Even the heavy gauss cannon needs 11 shots. For me, buried powerweapons and 'fists have worked best. For necrons, the warscythe has a chance, and it always helps to get a good WBB for the Lord once or twice - destroyer body, warscythe, orb, phylactery seems ideal. Still, in close combat, it would take 144 attacks from warriors or 4 attacks from the Warscythe Lord to inflict just one wound on the DP. Yikes.