Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vivax Unpainted

Here we have my next project. I finally decided to strip all my old tyranids, add a few new broods, and voila another 2000 point army to paint. Thankfully, cheap sets of genestealers and fleshborer gaunts from the Battle for Macragge set can be found in abundance on Ebay. I also got some of the new style warrior devourer arms from a bits dealer to use on my old warrior bodies. They look much better than the old metal ones, with the added bonus of looking better fitted on the lower arm sockets, which allows me to move the rending claws to the top sockets to better match my genestealers. I'm also going to move the lictor's scything talons to the middle sockets.


mackinblack said...

Any ideas on a color scheme?

bullymike said...

Actually yes, I was going to post something on it tonight.