Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Post

I plan to use this blog to get out all the 40k junk that bounces around in my head. Good luck! to, uh... myself. Great.

First my thoughts about possibly hosting a little tournament. I'll need to borrow or buy three more MDF boards for a second table, plus find something to set them on. I'm working to finish at least a couple of the cityfight pieces I've been putting off for so long, to supplement my already decent supply of ruins/craters/roads. Also I may try to get some hills flocked and maybe get some trees to represent forested areas for a green table. That shouldn't be too much. C will be running Chaos, a pretty intense 1500 point force that is maybe a little unbalanced on the elites side but not overall abusive... destroy the right units and it can fall hard. But she's gotten pretty wise about cover and timing with her deep-strikers and wiping out the small summoning units out is way easier said than done. Anyway, it's chaos, it's supposed to be elite. Last game they ate my guard's lunch. The demon prince (stature, flight, khorne, visage, axe of khorne, armor, aura) has more than enough power to go from one end of my army to another. Only once was I able to wipe it out before it reached my infantry... the trick, then, is to try and strand it, catch it out of assault in my shooting phase and let fly with everything I have. But meanwhile the folks bringing bloodletters have moved up... one good scatter and the demons are all over me too.

My guard 1500 is just my 2000 minus the demolisher, fire support, anti-tank, and special weapon squads. With a basilisk, hellhound, leman russ, and two chimeras, it still packs a tanky punch. Then on top, a shitload of infiltrating infantry with missile launchers and special weapons. The company banner has worked pretty well for leadership, plus I really like how the model came out. I had just one more plastic catachan left, from a flamer trooper that had come with the big special weapon deal I got on Ebay. He was primed black, but it was pretty thin coat so I ripped both of his arms off, replaced the head, and attached new arms. One is the outstretched pistol hand, which I changed to a lasgun, and in the other arm I drilled a hole and inserted a large paperclip for the banner pole. With some wire I made a cord for the flag. I printed out a little design I made on MS Paint first just to serve as a placeholder, but after painting it up a little bit, it looked perfect. Here he is, inspiring the Red Rifles onto glory.

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