Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thoughts on Necrons vs. Chaos

This will be sort of a continuation of a discussion with Mack found here. Looking at the odds, it takes an average of 18 warrior shots to kill a terminator and 27 shots to wound the tougher obliterators (who have 2 wounds each). Mass warrior shooting appears to be much more effective against the smaller, weaker chaos units, like the havocs, possessed, and berzerkers (9 shots per wound). Keeping the army in one huge ball seems like the necrons' only hope to survive chaos, teleporting out charged units to a short distance away (getting some WBB rerolls if it's through the monolith), leaving the enemy stranded, and pouring fire into them in the following turn. To stymie power weapons/fists in assault, every WBB unit should always be within 6" of a lord, excepting possibly destroyers, who can usually move fast enough to avoid an assault. When not teleporting (early game?), the monolith should try to put pie plates down on units with a 3+ or worse save.

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mackinblack said...

I think you have the right idea, but easier said than done.