Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I mentioned that I managed to get some good use out of my chimeras during the tournament this weekend. They usually worked well as a screen for my infantry and other tanks, limiting their exposure to enemy heavy weapons and enabling the big guns to get closer to enemies. It’s true that these walls cost 93 points each, but they also include 6 anti-infantry shots good for killing another 1-2 MEQs. In games against smallish forces (seemingly more rare nowadays), I can deploy my platoon command squads inside the transports and use them to spread my line out further and grab objectives early on in the game.

Today whilst flipping through the rules, I remembered that vehicles can be tank-shocked just like troops, so long as your front armor is greater than that of your target. Chimeras have a front armor of 12, so they would be able to push Rhinos and other light vehicles around. Right this second, I can’t think of a specific instance where this might be useful, but it’s something to keep in mind for the future. Something else to remember: a Leman Russ, with its 14 front armor, can drive over a wrecked Chimera or Hellhound. Another time where that dozer blade will come in handy!

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Warhammer Fan said...

Speaking of tankshocking...

Where it really helps is with the Land Raider, who can tankshock right through all those silly defensive formations folks make with their rhinos, and deliver your assault team straight down the bad-guy's throat.

Also remember that it only works with vehicles that are alive. The moment they are destroyed they become terrain, and the tankshock rules are ignored in lieu of dangerous terrain tests.