Friday, November 9, 2007

Clash of the Titans

I beat Dark Crusade today (on standard) after taking a long hiatus away from DoW, using Necrons. Great army. Once they get rolling it's fairly easy to roll right over anything and everything in your path. My favorite two units are the Immortals and the attack scarab swarms you can make with the tomb spyder. With just three infinitely replicating swarms I held off a full half of the final Ork territory while I walked around destroying everything else. This battle above was at the steps of the main Eldar base in their home territory. I activated the Nightbringer just as the Avatar came strolling down the ramp. Great game and I look forward to the next sequel, Soulstorm, due out in June of '08, featuring the Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle as the new playable factions. I honestly don't buy their reasons for not including Tyranids, since its most likely the last version to use the original DoW engine. Hell, with all the big bug lists going around, I think everyone would be used to seeing swarmless nids. But whatever, the penitent engine and cannoness look fucking sweet, as do the raiders filled up with DE warriors. Flyers, too, are making their debut. Sounds like a good time.

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