Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Update

No real big news to speak of this week, other than the usual messing around with various conversions and army lists.

I thought modelling so many little identical bike squads in my SH army might be a little lame, so I've decided to ditch one of them for a 4-man squad of Warlocks with destructor, singing spears, and enhance. They'll all have panel steering left arms, dire avenger exarch right arms, new guardian bodies with greenstuff runes on the chestplates, and helmet-less eldar heads, with white kamikaze bandannas flapping in the wind behind them. I'm hoping they will really evoke the Wild Rider theme. And it's only right for a jetbike army to include Shining Spears as well, so I'm including them for now in my updated 2000 point list:


Farseer - jetbike, spirit stones, singing spear, doom, edritch storm, runes of warding

4 Warlocks - jetbikes, 3 destructors, 1 enhance, 4 singing spears


5 x 3 Guardian Jetbikes - 1 shuriken cannon

10 Dire Avengers - exarch with twin shuriken catapults and bladestorm
Wave Serpent - shuriken cannon, twin-linked shuriken cannon turret


3 Shining Spears - exarch with star lance

2 Vypers - spirit stones, starcannons

2 Vypers - spirit stones, bright lances


3 Fire Prisms - holofields, spirit stones

I also did a little work on my bugs. I ripped all the guns off my tyranid warriors and replaced them with genestealer scything talon arms. I think they'll fit in pretty well in my newest tyranid 2000 point list:


Hive Tyrant - 2 twin-linked devourers, toxin sacs, enhanced senses, warp field, wings

6 Genestealers - extended carapace



Carnifex - 2 twin-linked devourers


5 x 6 Genestealers - extended carapace


2 x 3 Tyranid Warriors - adrenal glands (+1 WS), toxin sacs, talons, rending claws, wings


2 x Carnifex - venom cannon, barbed strangler, enhanced senses, extended carapaces, reinforced chitin

3 Zoanthropes - psychic scream, warp blast


Anonymous said...

No one has commented here in a while...

I really like your Nid list. Nothing to add.

Your Eldar list looks nice too but I think you should swap "star lance" for a cannon on the SS exarch because he is still S6 in combat.

Anonymous said...

Are you depressed? Why no warhammer?


Dane of War said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend, too. - I was "busy" with converting and painting 2000 pts of Ultramarines.

The 'Nid list is perfect... looks great.