Monday, June 18, 2007

Attention, All You Catachan Ladies Out There!

Domestic life got you down?

Ever get tired of devining the homestead day after day after day? Do your hands hurt at the mere thought of cleaning and filleting troublesome Devils for the rest of your life? Have you ever considered a job in the armed service of our Lord?

Well, don’t wait any longer! Report to your local recruiter today and sign up for one of our thrilling career pathways for women in the Catachan jungle fighters!

Think about all the incredible opportunities you’d receive as a proud Grenade Launcher Trooper!

Or maybe you’d prefer the adventure of serving as a Grenade Launcher Trooper!

And if that’s just not your cup of tea, consider instead the excitement of a career as a Grenade Launcher Trooper!

Here’s your chance to see the luscious jungles of our wonderful homeland on the Emperor’s dime. And you never have to worry about any douchebag commissars breathing down your neck (you know how we do)!

Do your part and sign up now!

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