Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Battle Report: Chaos vs. Chaos 5-12-07

C. vs. Eric - 1500 points - Annihilation

Turn 1

Chaos (Eric): The predators and havocs kill four of C.'s havocs with heavy weapons. One squad of berzerkers moves up.

Chaos (C.): The surviving havoc targets the nearest predator with his lascannon, stunning and immobilizing it. The rest of the army moves forward, including the demon prince (off-camera at the bottom).

Turn 2

Chaos (Eric): One predator tries to move away from the approaching demon prince, while the other swings wide and takes down one of the terminators. On the far side, a squad of berzerkers goes crazy and charges toward C.'s rhino. The obliterator moves up with the berzerkers.

Chaos (C.): Blood rage must be answered by blood rage! The bloodletters answer the call, and together with C.'s berzerkers they charge forward into Eric's obliterator and berzerkers. They bring down the obliterator and four berzerkers, killing the last by outnumbering him. They consolidate into Eric's second squad of berzerkers. One predator is shot up a bit, and the demon prince gets closer to the other predator.

Turn 3

Chaos (Eric): The chaos marines try to stop the enemy rhino but inflict no damage. The predator shoots up the terminators but can't make get them to fail an armor save. In assault, C.'s berzerkers and bloodletters finish off their rival khorne freaks and consolidate into the chaos lord's squad of marines.

Chaos (C.): The obliterators destroy the stunned predator. The demon prince swoops in on the chaos havocs and wipes them out with his massive axe. The possessed join in the massive assault at the top and kill a few chaos marines.

Turn 4

Chaos (Eric): The chaos rhino pulls around and unloads another big squad of marines. They shoot up the bloodletters but when the smoke clears, only one has been killed. The chaos lord and several marines are killed in the large melee.

Chaos (C.): The demon prince charges the predator, destroying it. The possessed and last berzerker finish off the squad of chaos marines in close combat, but the berzerker is killed. The bloodletters charge the marines that shot at them, killing three of them and losing one of their own.

Turn 5

Chaos (Eric): One more marine is killed in assault by the bloodletters.

Chaos (C.): The possessed charge the rhino and trigger an explosion that kills one nearby marine and one bloodletter. The bloodletters finish off the rest of the marines.

Chaos (C.) wins, victorious slaughter.

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