Sunday, May 13, 2007

Battle Report: Chaos vs. Tau 5-11-07

C. vs. Marcos - 1500 points - Chaos Choice (Seek and Destroy)

(missed the setup picture)

Turn 1

Chaos: Chaos starts off well, rolling to choose the mission type and get first turn. Pressing the advantage, their big guns take down several enemy skimmers: the terminators blow up one of the piranhas with their reaper autocannons, the obliterators stun the devilfish and destroy its missile system, and the havocs stun one of the hammerheads. The berzerkers press forward in their rhino, followed closely by the flying possessed.

Tau: Shrugging off their early setbacks, the Tau regroup and counterattack. The crisis suits jump from cover and take out the rhino with plasma and rocket fire, killing four of its passengers in the process. The last two berzerkers are entangled in the wreckage. One of the hammerheads lays fire into the havocs in the bunker, killing two and sending the rest falling back.

Turn 2

Chaos: The havocs regroup, readying their weapons. The obliterators move out from cover and finish off the stunned hammerhead. The possessed fly out from behind the rhino and try to take down the piranha in midair but fail to inflict any damage.

Tau: The piranha flies away from the possessed and try to shoot up the entangled berzerkers, missing them. Its gun drones detach to create additional targets. The battlesuits and ion cannon hammerhead shoot up the possessed, killing all but the aspiring champion. A very close call for chaos - both of the summoning units for the bloodletters were nearly wiped out this turn.

Turn 3

Chaos: The possessed champion flies over the rhino and smashes up the gun drones. The berzerkers extract themselves from the rhino wreck and leap to catch the piranha. The chaos heavy weapons stun up the center devilfish.

Tau: The hammerhead finishes off the berzerkers with its ion cannon. The other hammerhead and devilfish circle around the chaos position, and the stealth suits streak forward with their jump packs.

Turn 4

Chaos: The bloodletters arrive from the warp, just in time to save the possessed champion and finish off the circling piranha. The terminators fire their reapers at the stunned devilfish and bring it down, killing four of its fire warrior passengers in the process.

Tau: The Tau Shas'el and the ion cannon hammerhead move forward and kills two bloodletters, and the other hammerhead and devilfish circle further around the left chaos flank.

Turn 5

Chaos: The terminators kill one of the approaching stealthsuits, and the obliterators destroy the remaining railgun hammerhead.

Tau: The battlesuits and and stealthsuits move to the center and the devilfish moves closer to the chaos position. Suddenly, something large stirs behind the trees!

Turn 6

Chaos: The demon prince flies over the treeline and drops in on the devilfish, but is simply unable to destroy the swiftly moving transport.

Tau: The firewarriors in the devilfish deploy in front of the demon prince and open fire with their pulse rifles. After the smoke clears, the chaos HQ is still standing, unharmed.

The match ends in a draw.

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