Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Karel's Folly

Princep Karel, governor of the resourceful but isolated planet of Tristan, inexplicably declared secession from the Imperium. In response, forces of the Imperial navy surrounded the system and prepared a blockade to starve out Karel’s rebels. The situation might have been locked in a standstill for years but for a mysterious warp rift that opened suddenly near the planet. For nearly a month, the surface of Tristan has been ravaged by powerful storms, its cities razed overnight by bands of mysterious raiders. Excepting the few disorganized holdouts of the local defense forces, the planet lies virtually unguarded, its vast spoils free for the taking. Arms, slaves, and ancient technologies await new masters. Imperial adepts detect strange signals emanating from the surface; blood is in the water and sharks from all corners of the galaxy are moving to converge…

The new terrain is almost done and the pairings have been decided. They are as follows:

4 PM: Imperial Guard (Bully) vs Orcs (Pat)
7 PM Chaos (Christina) vs Tau (Marcus)
10 PM: Necrons (Mack) vs Chaos (Eric)

10 AM: Necrons (Mack) vs Orcs (Pat)
1 PM: Imperial Guard (Bully) vs Tau (Marcus)
4 PM: Chaos (Christina) vs Chaos (Eric)

Standard missions, gamma (infiltrate, deep strike, dusk & dawn, victory points).

The first day's battles will take place on the forested outskirts of Tristan's capitol city. On the second day, the carnage will move deeper into the wasted urban sprawl.

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OBT. I will be sure everyone knows when they are playing.