Monday, May 14, 2007

Battle Report: Necrons vs. Orks 5-12-07

Mack vs. Pat - 1500 points - Take and Hold

Turn 1

Necrons: The necron forces advance and the destroyers take down 2 grots and 6 boyz with their heavy gauss weapons.

Orks: The orks charge forward into the fray, firing off big shootas and rokkits, and bring down 2 warriors. The looted leman russ looses its battle cannon, taking down three more warriors and wounding the VoD lord.

Turn 2

Necrons: Three warriors reassemble and continue their silent advance. Two more boyz and a couple of grots fall to the necrons' green beams. The monolith nears the center of the battlefield.

Orks: The leman russ again lets fly with the battle cannon and brings down one warrior. Three more warriors are killed by rokkits and big shootas.

Turn 3

Necrons: The necron technology is having a good day and 3 more warriors stand back up. A squad of warriors teleports through the monolith, and together with the flux arc, disable the orky dreadnought, blowing each of its arms off in turn. The monolith also hits a grot and a boy, and the destroyers kill four boyz themselves.

Orks: The leman russ scores a kill on the destroyer squad, and the disabled ork dreadnought is stilll able to bring down one of the warriors in assault.

Turn 4

Necrons: The ordnance blast was too much for the destroyer, and he stays down. The warrior climbs back to his feet and his squad again teleports through the monolith. The squad and the monolith open fire on the killa kans, immobilizing one and wrecking the other. The destroyers wipe out five grots.

Orks: The rokkit buggies sweep around and kill two necron warriors. The warboss slowly but surely approaches the meat grinder. The boyz charge the necron warriors, killing one and losing two in the process. They fail their morale check and fall back, also failing their mob check.

Turn 5

Necrons: Two warriors stand back up, two stay dead. They fire on nearby grots and boyz, killing several of them. The dreadnought is immobilized.

Orks: Rokkits and big shootas drop a destroyer and a few more warriors, and the warboss wades into the squad in front of the monolith, killing two of them with his power klaw. The big mek sidles up to the dreadnought and fixes up the big machine, restoring its ability to move.

Turn 6

Necrons: The destroyer and two warriors get back up. Massed gauss shooting kills 7 of the rokkit boyz, bringing them below scoring capacity.

Orks: The orks make a last ditch effort to take down as many necrons as possible. Two warriors are killed by the battle cannon. Somehow the warriors near the monolith are able to bring down the warboss. The big mek fixes up the immobilized kan, making it a scoring unit and earning the orks a few more victory points.

Necrons win, solid victory.


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