Monday, May 28, 2007

New Witchhunters List

After reading a few different tactica articles written by fellow Texan MKerr (on the Bell of Lost Souls blog) relating to Witch Hunter retinues and Death Cult assassins, I'm going to take another hack at my sisters army. I got a little disillusioned in the past with their unreliability, but I realize now it was probably due to the limited variety of army lists my model collection could build. I figure I need to add a few heavy bolter servitors, two chirurgeons, some of the aforementioned death cultists, four sisters with flamers, another imagifer, and a sister superior with a bolter. Also I want to convert a nice acolyte with a bolt pistol from an unusual model that will match up with my redemptionist inquisitor figure... haven't found the right one just yet. After that I'll have a 2000 point army that will hopefully do a little better than mine has in the past. I actually have enough guard and weapons teams now to make a good inducted guard list that makes up for the sisters' lack of heavy weapons, but all that reading about assassins has my blood boiling for a pure inquisition/sisters army that has a dedicated assault wing. Here's a list I quickly put together to that end:


1 Cannoness - inferno pistol, jump pack, rosarius, cloak of st. aspira


1 Inquisitor - inferno pistol, close combat weapon
Retinue - 3 gun servitors with heavy bolters, 2 chirurgeons, 1 acolyte with bolt pistol/ccw

3 Death Cult Assassins

9 Sisters Repentia, 1 Mistress, 1 Priest with laspistol/power weapon


9 Battle Sisters with 1 meltagun, 1 storm bolter, 1 imagifer, Vet Sister Superior with bolter and book of St. Lucius

9 Battle Sisters with 1 meltagun, 1 storm bolter, 1 imagifer, Vet Sister Superior with bolter and book of St. Lucius


9 Seraphim with 2 twin flame pistols, Vet Sister Superior with plasma pistol, eviscerator, and book of St. Lucius

5 Dominions with 4 flamers, 1 imagifer, Vet Sister Superior with bolt pistol, brazier of holy fire, and book of St. Lucius, 1 Immolator with extra armor, smoke launchers, and holy promethium


1 Exorcist with extra armor

2 Penitent Engines

5 Retributors with 2 heavy bolters, 2 multimeltas, 1 Vet Sister Superior with bolter and book of St. Lucius

Altogether that's 7 faith points, 8 scoring units, 69 total models. It's still weak in long range firepower (no offense, Mr. Exorcist) but I think it makes up for that in mobility and good short range anti-vehicle damage. Horde armies get mass bolter, heavy bolter, and flamer fire, and marine equivalents get shot up with divine guidanced boltguns and flamers and assaulted with plenty of dreadnought and power weapon attacks. My basic plan is to combine the death cult assassins with the seraphim, repentias and penitent engines to sweep wide around cover and curl around their flank, while the sisters, retributors, inquisitor, and exorcist give and take fire as possible. The dominions are mostly for fun, 5 flame templates that have just short of a 70% chance of succesfully using divine guidance, not to mention the twin-linked scary fire from their transport. I will probably start with the callidus until the death cultists get painted. I would run DCAs and an eversor, but I wanted to use my repentia and didn't want to shell out for an inquisitor lord.


Cam said...

Time for me to brush up on my DCA "demise" skills!
: D

Aventine said...

For the Canoness I would get a Blessed Weapon and lose the Rosarius. The Cloak combined with faith will get her a 2+ invulnerable when she needs it.

bullymike said...

my bad, she did have a blessed weapon, didn't list it. also i believe she can only have a 3+ invulnerable at best, since the spirit of the martyr grants an invulnerable equal to the unit's normal armour save, and can't be combined with any other save. but you are right anyway, and i always forget about SotM at the last moment when i'm filling out on points. i definitely know a few better places to spend that 25!