Sunday, May 13, 2007

Battle Report: Necrons vs. Chaos 5-11-07

Mack vs. Eric - 1500 points - Secure and Control

Turn 1

Necrons: The destroyers draw first blood and kill one of the havocs. Warriors and the monolith move forward.

Chaos: One of the squads of berzerkers rolls blood rage and charges through rocky terrain on their way to the warrior squad in yon forest. One of the predator tanks and the obliterator move out and fire on the monolith, inflicting no damage. The chaos bikes zoom forward and drop one of the warriors in the closest squad.

Turn 2

Necrons: The necrons ready their gauss rifles and flay up the bikers and one of the berzerkers approaching on the far side.

Chaos: Both of the berzerker squads go crazy and charge the warriors squads closest to them. On the necrons' left, the berzerkers go last, having charged into cover, and lose three of their number. Though their champion's powerfist drops two warriors in return, the fearless squad misses two armor saves from being outnumbered. The other berzerkers kill 2 warriors and one of their own is killed.

Turn 3

Necrons: One of the warriors felled by the berzerkers is reanimated, and their squad teleports through the monolith, out of combat. The monolith, destroyer, and other warriors take apart the stranded berzerker squad, killing everyone but the champion.

Chaos: The berzerker champion charges into the destroyers, killing three with his powerfist and sending them fleeing off the board. The rhino rolls around the monolith and its passengers disembark, shooting down two of the necron warriors in a hail of bolt fire.

Turn 4

Necrons: The foot lord uses his veil of darkness to teleport himself and a squad of warriors across the table to nearby the obliterator. For all their gauss fire, they are unable to inflict any damage on the hulking monstrosity. The monolith stuns the predator tank with is flux arc.

Chaos: The havocs pick off two of the necron warriors, and the rhino whips around to try and tank shock the necron warrior squad near the obliterator. One of the warriors tries to shoot it down and is run over for his trouble. The lord and his squad of marines approach the squad of necron warriors in the forest on the far side of the field.

Turn 5

Necrons: The monolith powers up its particle whip and annihilates 8 of the nearby chaos space marines. The surviving two fall back in horror at the green beamy death that had enveloped them as the warriors and lord immobilize the rhino with more of the same.

Chaos: The lord and his retinue of chaos marines charge into the necrons on the forest hill, killing one but losing two of their own in trade. The rhino stands down on its guns and manages a self-repair.

Turn 6

Necrons: The foot lord and warriors bring down the obliterator with another hail of gauss fire. The destroyer lord sweeps around and charges into the mass melee between the warriors and chaos lord and marines. Four marines and one necron warrior fall.

Chaos: The chaos havocs drop two necron warriors in front of the monolith.

Necrons win, solid victory.

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mackinblack said...

As the Necron general, I think we played pretty well. I was really surprised that my warriors weren't kicked around like they usually are. Berserkers usually rake against warriors. The most important lesson I learned from this game is to always concentrate fire against the most immenant threat. My faliure to wipe out the champion in turn 3 cost me all the destroyers (pt value 250 for the squad). Had I fired the destroyers at the champion instead of a predator, the destroyers would have gotten more shooting rounds. Overall it was a quality game. Eric is learning very quickly.