Monday, May 14, 2007

Battle Report: Imperial Guard vs. Tau 5-12-07

Bully vs. Marcos - 1500 points - Cleanse

Turn 1

Tau: The stealth suits, having infiltrated so close to the guard flank, open fire on the lascannon teams, killing four of them. The hammerheads tear up one of the infantry squads, sending it running off the table.

Imperial Guard: The demolisher moves left and fires on the stealthsuits, hitting four but killing only two of them. The sentinels and lascannon team shoot up one of the piranhas, shaking it. The ion cannon hammerhead is stunned by mass missile fire. The heavy bolter teams move into the tower.

Turn 2

Tau: The hammerheads zip into their adjacent quarter and fire their weapons, destroying the leman russ and killing two guardsmen in the far right squad. The devilfish kills one of the guardsmen in the tower. The intact piranha flies over the walls and tries to bring down the demolisher with its fusion blaster, but -alas- misses the crucial shot.

Imperial Guard: The basilisk goes fires indirectly at the battle suits but the shot scatters and hits the devilfish, shaking it. The heavy bolter teams destroy the piranha's weapon, and the lascannon team finishes it off. One sentinel moves to attack the approaching stealthsuits but misses, and the other fires across the battlefield, stunning one of the hammerheads. The first squad to target the ion cannon hammerhead brings it down with a missile. Additional rocket and plasma fire kills one battlesuit and inflicts a wound on a second.

Turn 3

Tau: The unshaken hammerhead shakes the basilisk. A devilfish darts around the chapel and its passengers disembark. The battlesuits and the fire warriors' pulse rifles bring down 4 guardsmen. The shas'el jumps out of cover and kills two of the guardsmen in the heavy bolter squad. The stealthsuits attack the threatening sentinel and it explodes, but they and the nearby lascannon team are unharmed. The remaining piranha circles further around the imperial guard flank.

Imperial Guard: The demolisher turns and fires on the squad of fire warriors, killing four of them and destroying the devilfish's smart missile system. The nearby guardsmen wipe out the rest with plasma and lasgun fire. The surviving lascannon team kills two stealthsuits with lasgun and lascannon fire and the hellhound finishes off the last two. The shaken basilisk zooms forward to move into cover.

Turn 4

Tau: One of the devilfish moves over and kills two guardsmen with its last weapon. The other devilfish immobilizes the sentinel. The hammerheads kill one guardsman and destroy the hellhound's flame turret. The last piranha's gun drones detach and move towards the guard position.

Imperial Guard: The stars align for the emperor's dogmen and they make some important shots: the basilisk fires indirectly at a hammerhead and destroys it on a glancing hit. The intact sentinel rolls to immobilize the other hammerhead, and when its decoy launchers attempt to change the damage result, the reroll is a 6 and it goes down for good. The demolisher hauls ass to stay away from the piranha's fusion death. One of the infantry squads runs into the cratered section of road to grab some cover. The hellhound stuns the devilfish.

Turn 5

Tau: The battlesuits jump from cover and kill one of the guardsmen in the far right squad, breaking them and sending them off the table.

Imperial Guard: Guard missile launchers blow up the stunned devilfish, and the lascannon team and hellhound finishes off the gun drones. The basilisk backs up to get in position for one last indirect shot on the battlesuits.

Turn 6

Tau: The last devilfish kills one guardsman.

Imperial Guard: The basilisk fires off the last guard shot of the game, hitting the battlesuits but failing to wound either of them. The hellhound and infantry squad move to contest both adjacent quarters (the infantry squad was straddling the line and rolled to occupy the crucial quarter).

Imperial Guard wins, solid victory.

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