Friday, May 25, 2007

Tournament Fluff for Chaos

Inquisitor Aristobulus,

Since my last dispatch, I was forced to abandon my post on Tapel’s World. No doubt you are by now aware of the warp disruptions that destroyed Tristan; after my astropaths became too distressed from the aftershocks to perform their duties, my staff transported most of our mission assets to one of our alternate locations, which I provided to you when we last met. From here I shall continue my long-range observation of the Demon Prince Toggog and his nefarious associates.

Toggog still commands at the point of the spear, his strength and savagery augmented by each terrible victory. We have determined that Slyrrin Archfiend now leads the Black Legion contingent of Toggog’s marauders. The fate of his predecessor, Gazak the Merciless, is unknown. Survivors of the encounter at Nogodrial claimed that he was destroyed by heavy ordnance bombardment, but had no direct evidence to support the allegation. It is known that, just before they laid siege to Tristan, Slyrrin’s group attacked a secret arms repository on Byre and made off with the contents, including an ancient and powerful boltgun prototype. On this raid, as well as on Tristan, Slyrrin and his subordinates were accompanied by two hulking entities, each much larger than a space marine in tactical dreadnought armor, that could by all accounts produce a variety of weapons fire using only their warp-twisted bodies. Their descriptions match those of the rare and mysterious “obliterator cult.” These profane abominations may well have played some part in Slyrrin’s ascendancy.

I once again humbly request that you send your most able men to combat this horrible enemy before it lays the entire northern portion of the sector to waste.

Your modest servant,
Talus Valerius VII

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